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Friday, October 17, 2008

Animals Gone Wild

Sorry I missed a few days. That doesn't bode well for the post goal...

As I am sure you guessed, I have taken MANY more photos of the kitten, so it's time to post them...

First, artsy Dudley...

Kitten tries the "head in the lion's mouth" trick with Dudley

"Help me!"

Kitten getting the upperhand?

Dudley looks like he is being scolded for playing to rough by kitten

Dudley apologizes

Everyone kisses and makes up

Kitten needs a drink after all that activity

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Milo and Otis

I have never been a huge fan of movies that involve talking animals. However, there is one exception to that rule - Milo and Otis.

The movie is about the adventures of a dog and cat that meet at birth and are friends for life. I always wanted to have a puppy and kitten that could grow up together and get along.

Kitten No Name has become Dudley's new best friend. He is fascinated with the kitten - goes running to it every time he hears it's meow. The kitten seems to be a fan of him as well, rubbing his tiny face against Dud's big wet nose, licking it (and occasionally biting it).

I still have no plans of keeping this kitten, but I am enjoying the next four weeks of my personal Milo and Otis.

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Art Festival Photos

This weekend was the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival. Here are some random shots taken while there.

Car on Park Ave

Entryway in an alley on Park Ave

Dolphin fountain by entryway

Brick pathway in alley

Lunch under a bright green umbrella

Painting of a giraffe (the original was a bit different...I liked it better this way)

Booths and fountain in the park (REALLY bright out, the tents looked like they were glowing)

In the rose garden...

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Name Part 2

A quick update to let you all know how No Name's vet visit went.

Negative on Feline Leukemia/AIDs tests (yay! I was nervous one of those would come back positive and I would have to put him down). He does have a parasite, but he is on meds and that will be better in just a few days.

He is an otherwise healthy, 4 week old kitten.

The Cat With No Name

Day 2 of Save the Kitten...

You wouldn't know to meet him that just yesterday he was a wild cat roaming the streets (or more accurately, bushes) of our neighborhood. After responding to his cries with feedings, the kitten has accepted me, as well as everyone else it meets.

I purchased a bottle yesterday evening (I broke my NO Walmart rule doing so...a forgivable offense when there's a hungry kitten waiting and the Pet store is closed) and some kitten formula, and tried feeding him while we sat at a friend's house. Excited to be eating, it completely bit through the nipple of the bottle. So, we switched to an eye dropper, which seemed to hold up better against the surprisingly firm bite this tiny mouth has.

At 2 am, the cries began again, so dropper in hand, I approached for another feeding. This time, the kitten gave me a small heart attack by biting through the GLASS dropper. I managed to grab the piece from his mouth quickly and switched to pouring the formula in a spoon. It took a little figuring out on his part, but after a few seconds he learned that he needed to lap up the formula, rather than bite the spoon.

4 am, another round with the spoon.

This morning, after a feeding, he played on the bed with J. Grabbing his fingers and rolling over on his belly, chewing on his hand, all the cute kitten things you would expect. He also walked right up to Dudley (who is scared to death of him) to see what he was all about.

And now, he is curled up in my lap falling asleep.

Everyone wants to give him a cute name, but since I am determined to get him healthy and socialized and then find him a home, I refuse to name him, thinking that somehow that will leave me slightly less attached.

My mom, brother, or sister, however, are welcome to get attached. :)

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