Monday, June 20, 2005

Useless Post # 87

Hey all.

I haven't posted much lately. We have been busy as always. And I have been feeling not my best. I have had a headache on and off for the last week or so, and the nausea has been especially present. (And for the umpteenth time, no, I am not stop asking)

Nothing too exciting has been happening. Saw some friends I hadn't seen in a VERY long time (including the previously mentioned first heartbreak). It was actually nice to see them all, and there were no awkward moments or confrontations. Yes, I know, it would have made a much more exciting entry if there had been, but it's not just all about you.

In upcoming news....two weeks from now we will be going to Miami for the weekend. Two very dear friends of ours from Seattle are moving to Nicaragua and will be flying out of Miami, so we will be seeing them off. During that weekend, we will also stop and see my grandfather, whose health and mind have been rapidly deteriorating lately. A bittersweet weekend it will be.

The weekend after that we move into the new apartment. Which reminds me - I purchased my first major appliance!! We bought a washer and dryer to be delivered to the new place. It is not the all-in-one machine that I mentioned a while back, as I have discovered that the magical machine takes TWO hours to dry a load of clothes. But they are very pretty and front load with more options than I need. Excitement. This is what my life has come to, talk of my Best Buy trips.

My job should be officially over sometime in the next two weeks, so I will get to start working on marketing the new business. I may take some time off entirely though, and focus on getting well and spending more time on spiritual pursuits.

With the trip to Miami and the moving, I am sure I will have some sort of stories to tell soon.

Quotable quote of the week:
"How pink it TOO pink?" ~Lindsey, on the pork she made for dinner
"This marriage business is for the birds." ~Lindsey, upon arriving home from work, cooking dinner, and being really tired.

Next week at Amber's blog - adventures in purchasing a vacuum. You know you don't want to miss that.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Family Time

The Whole Family Posted by Hello

The Bridal Party May 15, 2005 Posted by Hello

As promised, a few more photos from the wedding. Here is the whole bridal party on a bench in downtown Winter Garden.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

News and More News

Sorry I have been slacking in the posting department. I am still alive.

Here is the latest:

On Tuesday, I gave notice to my boss that I planned on leaving to pursue my own business plans. He thought this was a great idea, and just asked that I stay on part time until the end of June. So at the end of this month I will be free to work on my new business plan! Yay!

Yesterday, we signed the paperwork for a new apartment. Apartment? Yes, apartment. The townhouse fell through. (--->insert long dull story here) Since the real estate market in Florida right now is INSANE, we decided to move into an apartment we really like so we don't have to rush into a house decision.

Last night, we celebrated our third anniversary. A week later (it's actually May 25th) but later is better than never. We had dinner at the Maison et Jardin, some overpriced multi-course restaurant out here. Not that it wasn't delicious. It was just one of those bills I am not allowed to look at when the night is over, because I will end up going, "It's food! They didn't have to gather the snails themselves!!" I also received gifts, one of which was a 1G IPod Shuffle. Romantic? Yes, in a way. If you know me well, you know that I ALWAYS must have music playing, so I have been wanting something in the IPod family for some time. So it's romantic because my husband knows me well, and paid attention to me saying that I wanted something. It's the little things that are important.

So that is the latest. I will post more interesting things sometime soon.

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