Sunday, November 18, 2007

non sequitur

I'm so tired. And it's only 9:30. Gah.

I haven't posted since August, and I am having the extreme guilts about it. I sometimes will think, "That was interesting, I should blog about it" in the course of my day, but then the being tired at obscenely early hours takes over.

So now, that I am actually sitting down, scanning iTunes for some new music, and forcing myself to post, I have nothing to talk about.

(it was just pointed out to me that I am audibly breathing weird...I just had to explain that sometimes I forget to breathe. welcome to the wonder that is my brain...forget walking and talking at the same time, I evidently can't breathe and type at the same time)

So what's new?

The puppy is improving in his ability to use only the outdoors as a bathroom, in part thanks to the many regular walks we take throughout the day.

I found out I am having a (edited until the mom posts about it first :) ). Which means buying lots of tiny adorable clothes and shoes. You know what looks cute when it's small? Everything. I am going to go broke.

I am off to Seattle in a week and a half to attend the wedding of one of my fabulous former roomies. I haven't taken a vacation since...well I can't really remember the last time I took a vacation, so I can not wait.

When I return, my living/dining/office area will have new floors.

I am in the process of figuring out what kinds of plants I want to plant in our flowerbed (since we have successfully killed everything off). I have killed every plant I have ever owned, so this should be interesting.

A strange looking mime waved to me as I was on the way to the store today. And I realized that my fear of clowns evidently extends to anyone who paints the majority of their face. Creepy.

So...random and useless information, no?

Hopefully coming back from Seattle will mean stories and pictures worth posting.

Until then....

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