Friday, July 22, 2005

Tales of a 5 Pound Shirt

Today was my fourth successful day in a row getting my butt to the gym. I "biked" for six miles or so, then worked my abs, arms, and other parts of the body. (I skipped thighs, because they are burning from the last three days of working out)

I decided to step on the scale to see if my four days of working out had done anything. Y'know, not that I expected any great weight loss, just for kicks.

I have gained 5 pounds in the last 4 days. That's right. It's not a typo. I gained five pounds.

So one of four things happened:

1) A weekend of tasty hospital food and guava pasteles caught up with me.

2) My overly ambitious work outs of the past four days have packed on major muscle.

3) I need to make a MAJOR bowel movement. (Ha! I just made someone choke on their lunch)

4) My shirt, the one major difference of my workout wardrobe today, weighs approximately 5 pounds.

I am hoping it is not number one, for obvious reasons. I also have reason to doubt this, as my stomach is visibly flatter than it was on Monday, pre-working out.

I don't know enough about how muscle is built and how much it weighs to know if number two is even a possibility.

Number three...I just said that to remind you all that I can be gross and immature at times. (In case you didn't get that from my repeated laughing over "groin".)

So that leaves numero cuatro. On Tuesday, the initial weigh in, I was wearing a super lightweight (seriously, I may as well have left the shirt home) non sleeved shirt. Today, three quarter sleeves in a fabric of a more normal density. A five pound difference? Perhaps not. But it is definitely a more comforting option.

Not too much else to report. Man. I am boring. Pretty soon I am going to have to start making up stories of what is going on in my life.

Actually it isn't that bad.

Quotable Words of the Week:
"Hippocampus" ~used by my almost Phd brother in explaining what could be causing my grandfathers dementia
"conclusing" ~my husband, when evidently undecided as to whether he should say conclusion or conclduing

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Didn't That Hurt?

Two posts ago, a good friend of mine commented in Spanish. With my limited knowledge, I tried to get the gist of it. I am pretty sure there are areas where I was really off. So I threw it into an online translation engine. This is what it gave me:

"I not wise that your grandfather was going to lose its finger. That sad! I feel it. It is very sad to see our beings wanted suffering. I remembers like was when my grandmother was in the hospital. These people that have seen hardly all our life now seem the half that they were. Dime if you understand what escribi, but I wrote it in groins. "

I wrote it in groins?! Is that some sort of ancient way of lamenting sickness? Kind of like when Israelites would tear their garments in ancient times?

"And then Jehezielem, upon seeing Behaziah covered in illness, wept to his gods, and proceeded to inscribe a dirge in the groins of the people, as a rememberance."*


Word to the wise. Do not rely on a translation engine to help you communicate with others. You never know what you might end up telling them.

Ha ha ha's still funny.

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*not an actual biblical account

Once Upon a Time...

...I started this blog in part to keep track of my working out/weight loss progress. Then, somewhere along the way, I got distracted by a million other things.

Today I decided it was time to get back on track. I went to the gym!

(----> insert cheers from the crowd here)

I was there for over an hour. (Yes, I was actually working out that whole time...why must you all doubt me so?)

Special thanks in completing that hour go out to:

Glamour magazine: You taught me what cut and color of jeans hide my exponentially expanding posterior, how not to have "bra bacon" (yes, that is a direct quote), and that it is ok to be my size, even if the model on your cover is about 10 sizes smaller and 5 inches taller. During that educational process you distracted me for a good thirty minutes, and unwittingly reminded me that my stomach is not worthy to grace your underwear ads.

IPod Shuffle: I never know what you are going to play next. You are so mysterious and unpredictable. And you never judge me for mixing Judybats with J.Lo. I love you.

Fat lady doing sit ups next to me: I feel so less self-concious about the sit-up roll I create when you are close by. What would I do without you?

Torrential downpour outside: A healthy fear of your powerful and awe-inspiring lightning bolts and the thought of the impromptu wet t-shirt contest I would be joining if I had left the gym inspired me to spend an extra 20 minutes burning calories.

I feel that with such overwhelming support, it would be ungrateful of me to ignore my workout routine another day. So there may be mention of it here and there again.

If you would like to join my support team, please, feel free to tell me stories of your own attempts at getting yourself moving. Or call me fatty. Either will do.

We will be like Oprah's little weight loss club. Except poorer. And a little meaner. :)

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Monday, July 18, 2005

General Hospital

I have returned from my weekend in Miami.

Being in Miami is very strange for me. Everyone there speaks Spanish, in fact, you are hard pressed in some areas to find someone who speaks English well. Being that I look the part, no one even attempts to speak to me in English. Which is always difficult to explain when someone comes up to you and says something you don't understand. I do a lot of smiling and nodding while in Miami.

Since the majority of my time there was spent in the hospital (Palm Springs General Hospital - and it is just as soap opera-y as it sounds; young, attractive doctors were plentiful) I purchased a spanish workbook to pass the time, and to aid me in communication with mi abuela (my grandmother), who I would be taking home in the evenings. My grandmother's grasp of English is very similar to my grasp of Spanish. That made for fun conversations on the drive to her place. Lots of drawing things with my hands to try and explain what I was trying to say. (Por exemplo: I wanted to know where the bakery was, but she didn't understand "bakery", so I said "pasteles" which are a pastry and sort of drew a house in the air. She understood this, and told me in spanish that it was on 119th. I then asked, "Izquierda o derecha? (Left or right)". I managed to find the bakery and bring home muchos pasteles.) The workbook didn't help a whole bunch, as I was only at the beginning, and my knowledge now extends to telling you that the notebook is on the table. (El cuaderno es en la mesa.)

Despite our difficulties in communication, my grandmother was thrilled with my attempts. As I finished reading "Examinando Escrituras..." in the morning, she looked at me and said, "Ay, Amba, tu sabe mucho!" (for those of you who know Spanish, please excuse any error in spelling - I can only write what I hear; for those of you who don't speak it, like me, she told me I know a lot)

My grandfather, who is the one who is in the hospital, will have his toe amputated today. It was sad to see my father and uncle try to explain to him what was going to happen so that he could sign the consent form. My grandfather has dementia, so it is difficult explaining things to him, as he will forget that you talked about it later on. And he was scared. My grandfather is a tough man, so it is strikingly sad to see him frightened and in a way, helpless. At least he had family around him, and there were friends from his congregation that came to visit. There were many other elderly people on his floor that seemed to never have a visitor.

As much as it was a sad, and at times, difficult visit, the hospital had one redeeming quality (besides attractive doctors). They have the BEST cafeteria in the history of hospitals. I am serious. The food there was better than most fine dining establishments, and at five-six dollars a plate, you couldn't pass it up. I had salmon, pork loin, and dolphin all in my stay there. For the price of a value meal at McDonald's, you received high quality, delicious, healthy food. Yum. If you are ever in Miami, I highly recommend it.

So that was my trip. I am glad to be back, sleeping in my own bed, and not feeling quite so guilty about not knowing a second language. I will, however, continue working in my workbook. You never know when I might need to tell someone where that notebook went.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Road Trip

I am leaving today for Miami once again.

My grandfather (dad's dad) needs to be in the hospital again, as they need to amputate his toe. Because of his failing memory, someone needs to be with him all the time in the hospital to explain why he is there and what is going to happen. So my father is going to stay with him at the hospital this weekend so his brother can have a break.

I am going along since it seems like a sad thing to have to do alone. I imagine if I had to go sit in a hospital for a few days to explain over and over to my father what the doctors are about to do to him, I would be a wreck. And having a four hour drive before and after to sit in silence and think about it would drive me even crazier.

The Element's road trips seem to be sad ones - a cross country move, and a long distance trip to the hospital.

In happier news, I pick up my mom's anniversary present today. And I will probably make a book store run so I have something to read during the long hours in the hospital waiting room.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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Please Understand Me

We are moved into the new place. The major moving took place on Friday, with the movers moving the big stuff in, and then on Saturday I sent Jaycel back to the old apartment to gather the little things up. I have managed to unpack and organize most everything, except a pile of clothes sitting in the bedroom.

So I am writing an entry in avoidance of the pile that awaits me.

I was reading J's blog this morning and felt compelled to take the Keirsey temperament sorter test. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this, David Keirsey wrote this book that divides people into four main temperaments (based on the sixteen personality types set out in The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Basically, you answer seventy questions and find out what your personality type is. I rediscovered the book as I was unpacking, and decided to take the test again. When I took the test in high school, I was what they call and ENFP - which told me all sorts of interesting things about my personality, things which were dead on, so I thought I would check to see if I had changed at all over the years.

Taking the test again, I discovered that I am now teetering between an INFJ and ENFJ (I and E represent introversion and extroversion by the way)

What does that tell us about me?

Well, one, I have changed somewhat as I have grown older. My temperament (NF) has remained the same, which makes sense, as this should be the core of who you are. But other aspects of my personality have changed. For example, I was very strongly an extroverted personality when I was younger, but I have withdrawn a bit as I have aged, and I no longer thrive off of social interaction. The change from P to J was also an extreme one, jumping from a person who hated deadlines and organization, to a person who prefers leading a scheduled, organized life.

Those traits combined with my Idealist temperament (N stands for intuitive and F for friendly) make me apt to be a teacher or counselor (hmmmm....what profession have I been involved in most of my adult life?).

Some other descriptions of my "type":

- "preoccupied with how those around them are feeling about themselves...want to do everything they can to keep people feeling good about themselves, to lift their spirits, to brighten their mood, to boost their morale"

- "seek out occupations in mentoring and advocating"

- "can be uncanny at discerning the nature of others' distress, at soothing those of low self-esteem, and at helping uncovering their latest potential"

- "can become caught up in others' troubles...can tire out"

- "believe in things easily...see good everywhere and in everyone"

- "hurt rather easily by those around them"

It is interesting to read, as many more of the descriptions in the book seem to fit (or at least that is what Jaycel tells me).

What personality type are you?

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am AWESOME....

...and sweaty.

This morning was spent sitting in an empty apartment waiting for a dresser to be delivered and the cable man to show up. I managed to finish the book I was reading and start on a new one (purchased today for just that reason).

I had just a few hours to return to the other apartment, only to get back here for yet another delivery. After the long hours of waiting this morning and feeling rather unproductive, I decided that I should move our computer to the new place. I had not yet packed it, and honestly, would not be able to as I had run out of boxes. So I figured I would get it over to the new place today and set it up, so that tomorrow I could blast Launchcast as I spend countless hours unpacking.

A computer and monitor are heavy, ya'll.

I piled it all into a laundry basket, determined to accomplish this all in one trip. I was successful, but not without pain as I made it to the bottom of the stairs at the old place. I was already sweating far beyond a lady-like glisten, and there was still the job of carrying everything upstairs (to the third floor) of the new place.

For my Seattle friends, that perhaps don't experience the same intense heat that we have here in Florida, I will let you in on a little something. Things grow heavier when it's 90-plus degrees out and your hands are slippery with your own sweat.

I headed to the new place, stopping off at Walmart (I'm sorry, I don't care that evil WMart is choking out the small business owner - I love a place where I can buy cat litter, deodorant, and underwear all in one trip for the low price of whatever change I can find in my car). As I pulled up to the new place, I felt that being in the air conditioned Walmart and my car I had sufficiently cooled down enough to try moving the computer again.

As I opened the trunk, a questionable looking character walked by and offered help. As the beads of sweat already began to gather on my brow, discussing the appropriate path to slide down in order to blind me, I thanked the man, but lied and said I could handle it. I figured at three floors up, if this man was in fact some sort of psychotic killer, my escape options would be limited.

Up the first flight I struggled. I got to the top step and my keys fell out of my pocket. And of course, they couldn't just land on a step. They had to fall through to the ground level. I put down the laundry basket o' technology and ran down to retrive the keys. Back up again, now silently cursing my desire to accomplish something more than waiting on deliveries all day, I headed towards the next flight. It is a good thing that there wasn't a fourth floor for me to go to. If there had been, someone on the third would have been the proud owner of a computer and laundry basket right about now.

So I am writing this entry in the new apartment! (Yes, I managed to not only get the thing up here, but also get it connected to the internet)

Tomorrow we will officially be moved in here (the bed will be here - I believe you are officially in a place when your bed and computer are both there)

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me???

...moving in Florida in JULY is a BAD idea?

You guys are obviously not looking out for me as you should.

As a result, I am a sweaty mess.

On the upside, I have movers doing the hard stuff. So I guess it isn't all bad.

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Pack and Recap

Hey everybody.

I am taking a short break from packing to pay attention to you all. Awww. How nice of me.

I am spending today packing up the apartment. The moving trucks don't arrive until Friday morning, but tomorrow I have the privilege of sitting in the new apartment to wait for the cable guy and a couple of deliveries, so I figured it would be best to pack up today.

I have mostly cleared out the kitchen and the closets, which leaves me at the point of packing where you have a non-descript hodge podge of items that you are never really sure how to pack, so they end up getting dumped into whichever box/bag is closest and not sealed. Not the most fun ever, ergo this break.

Haven't written much this past week so here is a recap:

Tuesday, June 28th ~
Last day of work. Worked 9 hours straight packing up the office and transferring all items to a storage locker. In the pouring rain. Nice.

Wednesday, June 29th ~
Friends arrived from Seattle en route to their new home in Nicaragua. They are going their to expand their ministry.

Thursday, June 30th ~
Took aforementioned friends to the mall for their last taste of American living and spending. Moment of silence for Banana Republic and Cinnabon was observed.

Friday, July 1st ~
Spent more time with same friends, dinner with them and family.

Saturday, July 2nd ~
Drove to Miami with friends and, in a separate vehicle, my older brother and his wife. Communicated by walkie talkie which proved entertaining. Sang along to Barbara Streisand's Essentials Collection. At this point we discovered that we are dorks, but in an endearing way.

Visited my grandparents when we arrived in Miami. Saw my grandfather for the first time since his mind has started to go (dementia?) and realized for the first time how bad it was. He was still entertaining as he always is, but it was sad to see him ask the same questions over and over.

Went to Coral Gables and walked around and had tapas for dinner. Discovered that one should not order Morcilla if one does not know what it is. (It's blood sausage ya'll. Fortunately we discovered this before we actually started eating it.) Played Carcassone, a German board game, at the hotel.

Sunday, July 3rd ~
Took our friends to the airport. And cried. At this point, it was silly for me to cry, since our friends lived in Seattle, so it wasn't as if we saw them regularly anyway. But the crying on their side made sense. Leaving to a new place, unfamiliar, away from friends and family. Doing something new, exciting, but also scary. Maybe my tears weren't about just missing friends, but being proud of them, scared for them, and just being happy that I have such wonderful people in my life.

Monday, July 4th ~
Slept in at the hotel. Headed back home.

Tuesday, July 5th ~
Packed. Got nauseous (unrelated to the packing or pregnancy - NO I am NOT pregnant just because I am nauseous!). Packed some more.

So there you go. You are all up to date. And now I should probably get back to packing.

Quotable Quote of the Trip:
"You're a black and cream dream." - anonymously said to my husband when wearing a new black and cream shirt (see, I kept you anonymous - you know who you are)

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Currently Reading (NEW FEATURE!): The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson. I never thought much about reading books that are accounts of other peoples travels. Actually, I take that back. I had thought about it. The thought was, "Reading about other people's travels? No thanks." I was very wrong.