Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travel Time

Sliding back into my old ways, I have been noticeably absent, once again, from the blog. (Noticeably is a bit subjective I guess...)

I just returned from yet another business trip - this time a conference in Brooklyn, which included a company sponsored event at the River Cafe. If you happen to be in/planning to stop by Brooklyn, this is a must see place. The most amazing views of Manhattan, set under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, this restaurant was the perfect location for our event. Just be aware that if you intend to dine in the main dining room, it's a jacket required type of place. (while I am sure its worth dressing up, a glass of wine on the deck is, where no jacket is required, is even better in my opinion)

After a couple of days in Brooklyn, I went back to my office in Mass, and spent the weekend wandering around Cambridge. The plan for the weekend was to enjoy downtown Boston - shop on Newbury St, take pictures in the park, that sort of thing. However, it seems that tropical weather follows me no matter where I am, so the weekend was a bit wet for outdoor excursions. At least it gave us (J met me out there) an opportunity to feed the geek within through our visits to the MIT Museum as well as the Harvard Museum of Natural History (sadly their Art Museum is being renovated - I'll have to catch that on my next geek trip).

The MIT museum is small, and they recommend 1-2 hours to tour it, depending on your level of interest. Between the time J took in the AI Exhibit, which included the head of Kismet, and me laying on the floor taking pictures in the Gestural Engineering exhibit, I am pretty positive we exceeded the 2 hour recommendation.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History was full of cute kids (I didn't run into one terror the whole time) ooo-ing at the animal displays, dinosaur bones, and arthropods (creatures that rule! according to the exhibit). It felt a little fourth grade field trip, but I liked the fourth grade, so it was good times.

Things I don't recommend when in Cambridge:

ImprovBoston - To be fair, it is entirely possible that they were having an off night when we attended their main stage show. It felt a little high school (although the Super Mario and Facebook references WERE appreciated) and uninspired. Each participant seemed to have certain characters/styles they fell into no matter what the scene...and there was the inevitable "Improvtress" who's Broadway dreams have yet to be fulfilled so she sings in scenes where the singing adds little to nothing.

I won't sit here and claim that I could do better, but when sitting around with friends/officemates provides more opportunities for improvisational comedy, you have to wonder what you are paying for.

Wandering in the rain...for hours - It was kinda fun initially in brief spurts. But I was pining for an umbrella and cute rain boots after a very short period. And damp jeans become unflatteringly large, not to mention uncomfortable, after a while.

All in all, it was an enjoyable and relaxing weekend after a week of conference madness. Now back to work - AND much needed exercise after a week of some really great food. (Frankie's and Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn, Oleana and Rendevous in Cambridge...yum yum yum.)


News for the coming weeks/months:

I am headed to Mexico for a REAL vacation in November with one of my former Seattle roomies (yay, E!). 10 days wandering from Puebla to Oaxaca (which I am proud to say, I can now pronounce) and back again. I get giddy when I think about it.

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