Friday, May 27, 2005

Poetry Corner

I did not realize it, but one of my favorite poets from when I was little died this 1999. I didn't know the guy had even died, and wouldn't have known if hadn't done a story on him.

I also found out that he used to write and draw for Playboy. I did not know this. I doubt that my mother did.

So for those of you that didn't grow up with Shel Silverstein, here is one of my favorite poems. (Actually, it may not be my favorite, just the one that I still remember by heart.)

There's too many kids in this tub
There's too many elbows to scrub
I just washed a behind that I'm sure wasn't mine
There's too many kids in this tub.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not really my favorite. But it was simple and funny at the time.
If you have never read his stuff, his illustrations are what really made his poems/stories interesting so check him out.
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Reason #123 I Need a New Job...

I just spent the past five hours reading recaps of television shows at TWoP.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Lindsey and Ian Posted by Hello

The pics from the wedding came through today. I will post some more shots later (preferably the ones where my GINORMOUS body is absent).

But seriously, doesn't she look gorgeous??

Pop Rocks

My job is pretty dull. We changed some things about the business, which basically took a lot of the tasks that I was doing and transferred them to someone else. So I have very little to do during the day, and the few things I am given to do bore/frustrate me to no end.

Due to this fact, I have been mulling over what I want to do next. Having only been at this job for 5 months, it seems like a premature thought, but I am truly that bored.

So I came up with an idea. The jobs I have enjoyed the most in my life were the ones where I was teaching. I thought about becoming a substitute teacher (since I can't teach for real here unless it is at a private school, and even then, it's a slim chance I will find anything). The unfortunate thing about substitute teachers is that they very seldom have the opportunity to actually teach. They also don't get paid very well.

Then I thought about my old job as a software trainer. It was fun, just challenging enough to keep things interesting, and paid decently. My old company is more or less gone now, and there aren't any other training companies in the area that I would be interested in working for.

So where does that leave me?

That is when the idea struck me of starting my own business. I had thought of it before, but always came up with complications that would make the task more than I want to take on. Renting classroom space, making student manuals, etc... There where too many little things that can add up to a big expense involved.

Until I came up with my big idea. Are you ready?

I am going to start my own training company that only offers deskside training. We (and by we, I mean me) come into an office and spend time with each individual at their own work station teaching them about the software they use as it pertains specifically to their job function. Why is this such a great idea?

If you purchase this kind of training from a training company, it is usually very costly. They consider that consulting time and/or customized training. So they charge you more for it. This is where I would have a niche. For little more than what it costs to send ONE person to a full day class, a company could have me there in their office for the whole day. This would also mean that they wouldn't have to worry about losing a day of work from the employees who want training, since they would only be in training for a small part of the day.

I have a whole advertising strategy in my head, including special promtional deals to get started.

The beauty of this job too, is that in 2 days I could make more than I make in a week. Which means I don't plan on working full time.

Now I just have to figure out when to execute the plan, which would include when to decide to leave this job.

That probably makes me more nervous than taking on a new business.

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Yes, Pizza Is That Important

I read this article on today:

"CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP) -- An 86-year-old woman was jailed after police said she called emergency dispatchers 20 times in a little more than a half-hour -- all to complain that a pizza parlor wouldn't deliver.

Dorothy Densmore was charged with misusing the emergency telephone hotline, jail spokeswoman Mandy Giannini said.

She told dispatchers Sunday that a local pizza shop refused to deliver to her south Charlotte apartment, said Giannini. She also complained that someone at the shop called her a "crazy old coot," Giannini said.

Densmore wanted them arrested. Instead, police came to arrest her, and she resisted, Giannini said.

It's unusual for someone to face charges for nonemergency calls, Giannini said. But on Sunday, Densmore kept calling 911, even after she was told to stop, Giannini said.

When an officer arrived at her apartment, the 5-foot (1.5-meter) -tall, 98-pound (44.5-kilo) woman attacked him, Giannini said. Densmore scratched him, kicked and bit his hand, she said.

Densmore also is charged with resisting a public officer and two counts of misusing the emergency telephone system, jail records show."

Wow. I guess she was really hungry.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Hotness Plan Reborn

As you all could probably tell, my "lose 30 in 30" plan fell by the wayside with all the madness of the wedding. I did lose a substantial amount weight (15 pounds), but since I have not been able to keep up with my workout plan, I am sure I have probably gained a little back.

Starting Monday, I have new motivation for getting back on the plan.

There is a 95% chance I will run into the first guy I ever fell in love with (and the first guy who ever broke my heart) sometime in June. While this happened long ago, and it is a thing of the past, it is important that I look hot. Much like the sick joy mentioned here, there is something to be said for the feeling that results when you feel especially attractive around someone who made you feel far less than that.

What can I accomplish in three weeks? I am not sure. If nothing else, the regularity of working out does something for the mental state. You know it's good for you and has the potential to bring you closer to hotness, and sometimes just that mentality makes you feel more attractive. And I have learned that feeling more attractive actually affects how other people view you. The saying that confidence is sexy actually holds some validity.

So here I go again. Back to the gym.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

After the Madness

I didn't think I could be more tired that I have been the weeks leading up to the wedding.

I was wrong.

Sunday was a very busy day, with all the beautifying that had to happen. My sister and the other bridesmaids looked beautiful as we left the hair salon, the first beauty stop of the day. I looked like I was on my way to my own quinceanera, which is not a good look for a 26 year old matron (ew, ugly word) of honor, so there was some frantic fixing of hair in the car. By time we made it to the house to get ready for our makeup time, the hair issue was no more.

Our makeup guy was wonderful. He did an amazing job on all of us. We liked him so much we made sure the photographer (who was with us while we got ready) got a shot of him with all of us ladies.

Then it was time to hop in the limo. The biggest limo ever. It was a stretch Navigator or Escalade or something. The five of us relaxed, had a little champagne, and then halfway to the wedding site realized that we had left our flowers in the kitchen at the house. So back we went. We were so close to actually being on time.

Finally we arrived at the site and took our walks down the 200 foot aisle, all hoping that we wouldn't trip with the sun in our eyes and the small slope in the middle of the aisle. As my dad walked Lindsey down the aisle they were smiling, and when they approaced the small slope they both threw their hands up like they were on a roller coaster.

My brother was the officiant and did a beautiful job. He made everyone laugh and unforunately managed to make everyone cry by the end. (Thanks to Steve's wonderful makeup job, no facial disasters ensued due to the tears.)

Then the entire bridal party (along with our three Seattle friends) hopped in the limo and went to Downtown Winter Garden to take photos.

We returned to the starving guests, made our entrances, and the bride and groom danced to "The Luckiest" and then the bridal party started to slow dance to Iron & Wine's version of "Such Great Heights" which was then mixed into the faster, peppier Postal Service version of the same song. It was fun and different and we all enjoyed it.

Then there was food, more pictures and more dancing.

It was a beautiful wedding, and a comfortable one. Hopefully I will have pictures to post very soon.

I would like to thank our all of our friends who were such a HUGE help in setting up and making this wedding go so smoothly. You guys made this an evening that Lindsey could really enjoy.

Despite throwing up on the side of the road on the way to her hotel :).

And to Lindsey - you were the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Your pictures are going to be the hotness :).

See you when you get back from your honeymoon.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Tomorrow the wedding festivities begin, starting with a morning trip to the airport. Two of my favoritest people are flying in for my sister's wedding and I can't wait to see them!

They were my roommates in Seattle before I got married, and they are absolutely the BEST girl friends you can have. The three of us lived in an apartment with one bathroom - any group of women that can share one bathroom and not kill each other are a quality group. They were key people in getting me through my wedding, and now they will be here to help my sister.

From the airport we are heading to the beach for a little relaxation time, then we will be scurrying around town in preparation for the rehearsal dinner later that evening.

Saturday, we will all be trying to relax. The occasional errand may come up, but the only thing on the books is some pedicure time. Mmmmm....relaxation.

Then another Seattleite will arrive - one of my other favorite people. :)

Then Sunday goes back to craziness with hair appointments, makeup, and the wedding itself.

Yay! So excited....and so tired. Must get some sleep before tomorrow.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

All Drugged Out

I am home. I know I said I would go to work, but here I am, at home.

Last night very little was accomplished in the way of sleep, so I e-mailed my boss at 3 a.m. to let him know that work wasn't really the best idea ever for me.

He responded: "No problem. Your health is more important."


I am feeling a little better after sleeping in and eating a little. I think the cocktail of Benadryl/Dayquil/Advil/Nyquil that kept me alive this weekend may have actually weakened my body's ability to actually do its job in fighting off this flu. So no more drugs today - only vitamins and clear fluids and things that your mom tells you to take when you are sick.

And sleep. Sweet sleep.

I must be better by end o' the week. Rehearsal dinner, airport runs, and wedding. Too much to do whilst worrying about a runny nose.

Feel free to submit your home remedies.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005


Still sick.

This bird flu just keeps hanging on. I have progressed from a stuffed up nose to a runny one, though I am not sure if that should be looked upon as positive or negative. Curse you, Bird Flu!!

I will probably go into work, at least for part of the day tomorrow. Seems wrong to miss three days in a row.

Must go now. I have a date with NyQuil.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Quick Update

I have come down with the Wedding Flu as predicted. I took yesterday and today off work and I am spending my time watching terrible daytime television, Napolean Dynamite, and reading US Weekly (courtesy of my sister).

I guess I can at least be thankful that I got it now, instead of next weekend.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wedding Flu

12 days until the wedding.

And the bride, father of the bride, sister-in-law of the bride, groomsman and husband to the matron of honor, and perhaps others (I haven't taken a count) all have some kind of illness.

A lot has been going around lately, this year's "flu season" never seemed to end. My sister joked at the last round that we must all be getting the bird flu. Then she would caw and make other assorted bird noises.

This time around she isn't so cheerful.

Last night she took some Claritin-D to help her feel better. She took two. Most medicines are taken in pairs, so she assumed this was the case with her box of Claritin. This however, was not the case. This particular drug is meant to be taken once in a 24 hour period. She called me a little while ago to let me know that she has been lying on her bathroom floor since 4 a.m. shaking and experiencing a faster than normal heartbeat. This does not sound like the way to get well.

Being that I have accidentally overdosed on many over the counter medications, I am sure she will survive with a lot of water, some food, and if necessary, some induced vomiting.

So I am going over there in a little bit to keep an eye on her, feed her some soup and water, and just make sure she survives the next few days.

Perhaps I should bring her some wedding soup.

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An Open Letter to Gwen

Dear Gwen Stefani,

For the love of...please...I beg you, stop. I don't know what has happened to you, but it really must end.

There was a time, some years ago, when I enjoyed listening to you. In the early days of No Doubt's fun ska tunes, when your music sounded good, and your outfits were cool and original.

I used to sing along happily to "Sunday Morning". But then things started to go downhill. Now, dressed as a scrofulous seamonger, ripping from a classic musical and collaborating with a woman who's tatooed breasts frighten me, you make my radio cry.

Repeating the same expletive 40 times and then spelling the word banana does not a good song make. I don't know what happened to you, but please get help.


Concerned Radio Listener

P.S. - Your harajuku "human accessories" are disturbing.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Girls Gone Not-So-Wild

I know you are all waiting for the details of the bachelorette weekend. Lots of great stories must have come from it, no?

Lots of great stories would have come from this weekend. If we had actually had the weekend that was planned.

Unfortunately, Lindsey, the bride, caught some evil strain of flu on Thursday night and was felling too miserable to move on Friday, much less take a three hour drive to Boca. So the weekend was a bust.

Heap pity upon my poor sister who didn't get her girl's weekend o' fun.

In unrelated news: The couscous salad (with a few minor changes) was tremendous.

Also - why can't I end up dating the celebrity I had a crush on when I was little? Curse you and your cuteness, Katie Holmes.

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