Saturday, March 31, 2007


I forgot! March also brought aging with it.

As of the 27th, I am now 28. Dangerously close to thirty.

I may have to take that "List of things I will do before 30" more seriously now.

(...and with that, I posted twice in March. Boo-yah!)


Wha' happened!?

Sorry, once again, for my great neglect. I figured if I jumped on here and said something before the evening ends, at least I didn't let the blog go blank for an entire month.

I have good excuses, though. I promise. No, really. Don't give me that look.

The first week of the month I was travelling - another TRAFFIC conference in Vegas (ooo...I just revealed something about my job - ready, set, GOOGLE!). While I generally enjoy traveling for work, there is something about Vegas, aside from the 5 hour flight, that I find absolutely draining. I returned exhausted, only to be greeted by an earlier than usual time change that robbed me of yet another valuable hour of sleep.

If I could have spent the month playing catch up on the sleep deficit presented in the beginning of the month, I would have.

But, with the changes in my job, (wait for it...another reveal!) I have been busier than expected. New bosses, new position, new office; it has been busy to say the least.

In addition, there has been the stress of waiting around to find out about a friend who was enduring all sorts of scary tests, who was diagnosed with a scary rare disease, only to find out that the diagnosis was not final, and was in fact, incorrect...then waiting for the real diagnosis. (Happily, she is ok - and no doubt looking fantastic as ever ;) )

But wait, there's more! There has been casual house hunting intermingled in all the madness. Casual house hunting that somehow resulted in placing an offer on a house and now being in the process of signing lots of papers and nodding like I understand what is going on. (No, escrow is not a leafy green vegetable favored by Italians, served best with garlic and olive oil...)

Is that all? Probably not. The discovery that caffeine IS in fact as bad for my sensitive heart as they say (this was confirmed by the shakes and jitters) has been a joy. And, well, I won't go into detail about what happens when you mistakenly take t0o many magnesium pills, but I will say that you shouldn't try it.

So how is that for a March update?

I will be back in April...when in April has yet to be determined. And at some point, I will start posting pictures again.

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