Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reason #87 I Can't Have Kids....

Our cats have for most of their lives been indoor cats. When we adopted them, it was strongly recommended for the sake of their health. Since we lived in townhouses and apartments, this worked out well, since I didn't think a parking lot was a very inviting place for them to play.

When we moved into the house, we started letting them go outside. They loved it, so we would let them stay out all day. It made them happy, so I figured, what's the harm?

I am a bad pet owner.

Sasha came home last night with this very unpleasant looking wound. The picture is much tamer than how it appeared in real life. (The way she is laying down there it appears smaller than it is)

So last night we spent our evening cleaning and dressing the wound. She spent the night in the dog crate, so she couldn't wander off and take off her bandage. This morning I took her to the vet first thing, to find out how much damage had been done.

The 2" X 4" wound was thankfully superficial. Whatever she managed to slice herself on, she only sliced through skin. So she was intubated, sedated, and stapled back together.

For the two weeks, she will look like this:

She has to keep that Elizabethean collar on for two weeks, to prevent her from taking out these staples.

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Every time I walk by her cage I feel so horrible. I can't imagine how I would feel if the wound had been more serious.

Can you imagine how nuts I would be if it were a kid?


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'd Rather Be...

If I could be doing anything else right now....

* I'd be sitting in a coffee shop with my Ipod and a notebook.
* I'd be sitting on the beach with my Ipod and a notebook.
* I'd be sitting in a tree by the lake where I grew up (with my Ipod and a notebook).

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I am not good with serious. I usually make a habit of avoiding it. But today my mind was unfortunately nudged into that serious place I don't enjoy being.

I received a phone call this morning that a girl I knew had been murdered. The news took a while to sit in before the inevitable sadness kicked in. I cried more than I expected, as it has been a long time since I have seen this person. I think this was due partly because I have been friends with her family for most of my life, and also because I feel like I have known far too many people who have died tragically in my relatively short adult life.

Aside from family members who have passed from sickness brought about with old age, I have known someone who died from:

cancer in their 30's
pneumonia in their 20's
a drug overdose
and now murder (murder is always tragic, but she was 24, so it is especially sad)

I am happy to know that my faith gives me hope when such tragedies take place, and I can not imagine how I could cope with such unpleasantly frequent news without it.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kendra's family.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm a Big Kid Now....

Ok, now that Lindsey lives with me, getting my camera back has become MUCH easier. So let me welcome you to...

...our home. Isn't it cute? If you ignore the dead grass of course. Except for the green part over there - see it? - right over the septic tank.

When you walk in there is a living area on the left, then our dining room on the right.

It's so awesome, Lindsey broke her neck in awe.

Maybe it was the big screen TV that did her in. Or the fact that I haven't actually hung up any of my pictures yet.

These two rooms have "wood" floors, while the rest of the house is tile.

In the middle of the house there is a family room...

...which does have art in it. A painting by Lindsey. It really looks pretty cool - but it won't be staying there, as it looks much better with the decor in her bedroom.

Next to this room is a nice open kitchen, which allows me to watch the Food Network WHILE I cook. And I thought I was going to have to get one of those fancy fridges with the TV built in the door for that.

Lindsey is pleased with the kitchen, and the carrot cake cookie that she purloined from its pantry.

There is also a lovely little breakfast nook, which is great, since I NEVER eat in the dining room, unless we are having people over.

Off of the living room there is an open patio, perfect for entertaining guests (hint, hint, everyone, come visit)

Those windows Lindsey is leaning out of are huge! They are off of Riley's room. Riley is Lindsey's dog. She has a room with a TV and hi speed internet access. She is one spoiled dog.

We also have a large, albeit browning, yard.

Back inside the house, the master bathroom has a great tub next to a big window...which I love, and plan on spending much of my time.

And the bathroom itself is nice and large, which is good, cause I evidently leave everything on the counter...

Check me out in the mirror...I couldn't quite squeeze all of me out of these photo. Also take note that the toilet is off to the side in its own tiny room. This is a wonderful thing. Now, if I am relaxing in the bath, I don't have to be disturbed by any "emergency dumping".

(Speaking of stench, this is the coolest thing I found at the Super Target down the road to keep the house smelling fresh and fruity)

There it is. A brief tour of our new digs. Come see us! Although you may want to wait until I actually clean the place...I would like to point out that in every messy picture, there where cleaning products/tools out. So I have PLANS to clean.

Stop laughing at me.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, Crap!

Saturday we moved my sister and her husband into our house. They will be staying with us for a few months while they find a new place of their own. Their apartment complex was raising their rent by about $400 a month, so staying there was not a very good option.

The move went smoothly, so we were all trying to relax a bit after a very long day. I heard the toilet running in the master bathroom, which was odd, as no one had recently used that toilet. I yelled to my husband to confirm this was the case.

"I haven't used it."

Hmmm. I walked into the bathroom to inspect the running, and noticed the water in the toilet appeared to be rising. Not a good sign. As I turned around, hoping that our plunger made it to the house in the move, I noticed that there was water coming up into the tub from the drain. I leaned closer and stumbled back when I realized what I was looking at. And smelling. I opened the shower to see the same "stuff" coming out of the drain there.

Crap, I thought. Literally.

I walked out of the room to hear my sister yelling about the stench filling up her side of the house. Her tub was filling up as well.

Not good.

My husband made several phone calls, while my sister and I hung out in the jacuzzi outside. (Hey, it was a good place to escape the smell.) Our time in the jacuzzi was cut short when we were sent to track down a wrench to open some sort of emergency valve. We threw some clothes on over our bathing suits and knocked on a couple of neighbors doors. No answer.

We remembered that someone we knew used to live not too far away, so we called information, and showed up at their door, wet from the jacuzzi, begging for a wrench.

We returned home with the wrench and dinner plans for the following weekend. The wrench, unfortunately, was of no help.

The Roto Rooter man finally arrived, and fixed what was evidently a clog in our septic tank. As soon as he did this, the crap water receded. I sprayed an excessive amount of tub cleaner in both bathrooms and lit a bunch of candles.

Happily, we are now back to a normal smelling life.

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