Monday, February 05, 2007

Feb BRU rary

Conversation the other day in my office:

Sister on Phone: Tell D (my German coworker) I said, 'wassup'.
Me (to coworker): My sister says, 'wassup'.
Coworker: Why?
Me: It's Black History Month. She's representin' our 3%.
Coworker: Really?
Me: Sure.
Coworker: Wow.

On the same day, discussing Beyonce's Irreplaceable:

Male Coworker: So what does that song mean, anyway? 'To the left'?
Me: That's where the guy's stuff is. In a box. On the left. She wants him to know that he can take what is in the box. And only what is in the box, cause she paid for everything else.
Male Coworker: But why?
Me: Cause he is no good, so he needs to get ta' steppin.
Male Coworker: Get to what?
Me: Steppin'. He needs to leave. She doesn't need him anymore - and she can have a better man in a minute because she is a strong black woman.
Male Coworker: *looks confused* Oh.

Man, my office is white.


This morning was my first TMJ therapy session.

After meeting my chiropractor for my rib a week or so ago, I asked him about the constant popping sound my jaw was making (it is really loud - upon checking it out, the doctor said, "you can't sneak up on anyone, can you?"... which I guess would be true, if I snuck up on people like I was PacMan). It has been making it for some time, but I am trying to be better about taking care of myself, so I decided it was about time that I address the problem. As a result, Dr. Levine set me up for an appointment with one of his massage therapists. Since I love my chiropractor and I love massage, I couldn't imagine that this would be a bad thing.

When I arrived, I was shown to one of the massage rooms and the therapist worked on my neck and shoulders for a while. This seemed like the kind of therapy I would enjoy. The work moved to my head and face, which was still enjoyable...and then the latex gloves went on. And he asked me to open my mouth.

And then there was pain.

For anyone who ever has to have this therapy, I would like to forewarn you, it is painful. Think dental work painful.

But I suffered through it. No tears, no whimpering, just lots of slow breathing. When I could remember to breathe. (I forgot several times.)

The good thing is that my jaw is popping way less already. And this may help my headaches. So with pain, there is hope.

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