Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Me!

And it's early!

Well, early for me. Especially considering I have been up and active for over an hour already this morning.

So this would be an opportune time to catch you all up, as I have basically abandoned the blog this past summer. It would be lovely to say I was taking an extended vacation from everything, but that was not so much the case.

And so, the highlights since last post:

May 31st - We closed on our new house. I am now a home owner. Which is exciting and also makes me feel old.

June 8th - Moving day. The week leading up to this day involved lots of packing, and painting what was the kids room in the new house. You know what isn't fun? Painting a room when you have no power and it's already 6 o' clock. It's dark, hot and fumey. But I managed to get it done, with some assistance from family members.

June 19th - You know what you should do when you have barely settled into your new digs? Leave for a week. Took a last minute business trip to New York, although I can't complain too much. Staying in a nice hotel in the city is not a bad deal when someone else is paying.

July - I don't really know what happened to July. I do know I fell. I was on the phone in my bathroom, cleaning the tub. I went to step out of the tub (which is a wide step out and a slight step down) and lost the front foot. Phone went flying, and I more or less did a split, which I do not have the skillset to perform. I couldn't walk for two days. July hates me.

August 3rd - My 10 yr reunion! Yeah, I didn't attend.

August 5th - Another trip to the Northeast US, this time, Boston. Or more accurately Waltham, to my company's HQ.

August 25th - I adopted a puppy.


Yes, I adopted a puppy. His name is Dudley. We are still deciding what exactly he is. The shelter said he was a Pug mix, specifically a Puggle (one of those "designer breeds" - this would be Pug and Beagle). However, he is not a Puggle. Or a Popple. (Oh! The 80's were so cool...)

We have decided that he is a Chibug or a Chugger or Boghuahua. To be more precise, we think he is a boxer mixed with some pug and chihuahua. So he looks like a small boxer with slightly larger eyes that usual.

Dudley (that is the name he came with) is 6 months old, and while he is attentive and seems very smart, he has not been trained. So I am working at having a regular "let's go outside, instead of in the house" schedule. He seems to enjoy peeing in front of guests. (who wants to come over? :) )

Oh, and for those of you thinking I am selfish getting a puppy who will have to be home by itself while I work, did I forget to mention that I work from my house 4 days a week now?

That's right. Shame on you for thinking I was selfish.

And now, back to work.

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