Sunday, November 18, 2007

non sequitur

I'm so tired. And it's only 9:30. Gah.

I haven't posted since August, and I am having the extreme guilts about it. I sometimes will think, "That was interesting, I should blog about it" in the course of my day, but then the being tired at obscenely early hours takes over.

So now, that I am actually sitting down, scanning iTunes for some new music, and forcing myself to post, I have nothing to talk about.

(it was just pointed out to me that I am audibly breathing weird...I just had to explain that sometimes I forget to breathe. welcome to the wonder that is my brain...forget walking and talking at the same time, I evidently can't breathe and type at the same time)

So what's new?

The puppy is improving in his ability to use only the outdoors as a bathroom, in part thanks to the many regular walks we take throughout the day.

I found out I am having a (edited until the mom posts about it first :) ). Which means buying lots of tiny adorable clothes and shoes. You know what looks cute when it's small? Everything. I am going to go broke.

I am off to Seattle in a week and a half to attend the wedding of one of my fabulous former roomies. I haven't taken a vacation since...well I can't really remember the last time I took a vacation, so I can not wait.

When I return, my living/dining/office area will have new floors.

I am in the process of figuring out what kinds of plants I want to plant in our flowerbed (since we have successfully killed everything off). I have killed every plant I have ever owned, so this should be interesting.

A strange looking mime waved to me as I was on the way to the store today. And I realized that my fear of clowns evidently extends to anyone who paints the majority of their face. Creepy.

So...random and useless information, no?

Hopefully coming back from Seattle will mean stories and pictures worth posting.

Until then....

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Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Me!

And it's early!

Well, early for me. Especially considering I have been up and active for over an hour already this morning.

So this would be an opportune time to catch you all up, as I have basically abandoned the blog this past summer. It would be lovely to say I was taking an extended vacation from everything, but that was not so much the case.

And so, the highlights since last post:

May 31st - We closed on our new house. I am now a home owner. Which is exciting and also makes me feel old.

June 8th - Moving day. The week leading up to this day involved lots of packing, and painting what was the kids room in the new house. You know what isn't fun? Painting a room when you have no power and it's already 6 o' clock. It's dark, hot and fumey. But I managed to get it done, with some assistance from family members.

June 19th - You know what you should do when you have barely settled into your new digs? Leave for a week. Took a last minute business trip to New York, although I can't complain too much. Staying in a nice hotel in the city is not a bad deal when someone else is paying.

July - I don't really know what happened to July. I do know I fell. I was on the phone in my bathroom, cleaning the tub. I went to step out of the tub (which is a wide step out and a slight step down) and lost the front foot. Phone went flying, and I more or less did a split, which I do not have the skillset to perform. I couldn't walk for two days. July hates me.

August 3rd - My 10 yr reunion! Yeah, I didn't attend.

August 5th - Another trip to the Northeast US, this time, Boston. Or more accurately Waltham, to my company's HQ.

August 25th - I adopted a puppy.


Yes, I adopted a puppy. His name is Dudley. We are still deciding what exactly he is. The shelter said he was a Pug mix, specifically a Puggle (one of those "designer breeds" - this would be Pug and Beagle). However, he is not a Puggle. Or a Popple. (Oh! The 80's were so cool...)

We have decided that he is a Chibug or a Chugger or Boghuahua. To be more precise, we think he is a boxer mixed with some pug and chihuahua. So he looks like a small boxer with slightly larger eyes that usual.

Dudley (that is the name he came with) is 6 months old, and while he is attentive and seems very smart, he has not been trained. So I am working at having a regular "let's go outside, instead of in the house" schedule. He seems to enjoy peeing in front of guests. (who wants to come over? :) )

Oh, and for those of you thinking I am selfish getting a puppy who will have to be home by itself while I work, did I forget to mention that I work from my house 4 days a week now?

That's right. Shame on you for thinking I was selfish.

And now, back to work.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yo, yo!

I decided it would be best to take a little time away from the work laptop to move over to the "play" laptop and blog, so this doesn't become a once a month occurrence. (I am not in the mood to check my spelling today, so please excuse any errors in today's post.)

The recent events in my life:

Starting last Tuesday, I have been feeling less than well. I had a fever and felt my heart pounding harder and faster than usual. With the back flow issues that my heart is susceptible to, I find it very disconcerting when my heart acts funny, especially for long periods of time. I made an appointment with a new doctor for this week (since I still have not settled on a primary care physician, due to my last physician's decision to prescribe meds that contained an ingredient I told her I was allergic to - way to go Med school!).

Yesterday was my appointment. The usual (for me) took place. A conversation about my 800 symptoms, comments on the fact that I look 18, not 28, and further conversation on my non-existent blood pressur ensued. (My blood pressure obviously exists, but it is VERY quiet. Nurses and EMT's have always experienced much difficulty in hearing it.) I was prescribed several meds, for my heart fluttering, for pain, for nausea that might come with the pain - nothing terribly out of the ordinary. Just a new run of drugs.

This morning was my appointment with the lab for the blood draw (4 vials! ugh) and urinalysis (which is oh-so-fun, as it would appear that no matter how badly I have to pee, my body freezes at the thought of peeing into a cup). So at home I sit this week, still working, but comfortable on my couch, with easy access to meds, water, and the reassuring feeling that if I were to pass out, I am in my own house. I return to the doc for more testing and review of the labs on Tuesday.

The meds are pleasant so far, which is suprising, since most meds I have tried have "interesting" side effects. One of the meds just makes me feel...nice. I can think of a better way to describe it at the moment. Not drunk, not tired, just...nice. And the pain meds actually accomplish eliminating pain with just a bit of drowsiness (these are controlled substances that I am not allowed to drive, operate heavy machinery, etc on, ergo the suprise that there are no weird side effects yet.)

So, at the moment, I am no closer to having any reason for why I am falling apart at such a young age, but at least I am one step closer to finding some relief.

Speaking of age, the hubby and I were driving the other day and he got pulled over (one of those speed traps where the limit changes 10 feet away from where you are). We were within less than 1 mile of the house and I had, for some reason, not put my seat belt on yet. The cop, after asking for license and registration, said the following:

"Is there a reason your daughter is not in her seat belt?"

Yes, the cop mistook me for his daughter. Those of you who have seen my husband know that he does not exceedingly old. Even with his greying hair, he still looks very much his age (39). Which can only mean that I look like a teenager still. I even had makeup on and brushed my hair! Even after he told the cop that I was his wife, the cop leaned forward to look at me, and asked if I was old enough to receive the citation for not wearing a seat belt (and he used that voice you use with someone who is not an adult).

I guess I should take all this as a compliment. Ew. I am finally old enough to consider looking younger a good thing.

In other news, the WW diet is going really well. 9 pounds down (according to the doc's scale). Good to have some good news this month!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How Many Points in a Tear?

Hi! Much neglect, and the same story as always - life just seems to get in the way of my blog. There could be worse things, I guess.

Work has been very hectic, and I am learning that when you are in sales, the end of the month is brutal. 'Nuff said.

The new house adventure is progressing nicely. We are closing in May, and are planning (so long as things work the way they should) to move in over Labor Day weekend. The house is closer to all the important things in life, so I am looking forward to it. Looking forward to the extra minutes of sleep living closer to everything in life will afford me.

On the "lose weight, feel great" front, I have started doing Weight Watchers. Yup...I know. I have mentioned them in the past, and I am pretty sure that I wouldn't try them, as they require that I do math. How many points is that? How many points have I eaten? And so on. brother and sister-in-law have been doing WW and have had great results. Visible results. So, currently, if you run into me at Publix it is likely that I will be staring at the Nutrition Facts on something, or typing numbers into my handy-dandy WW calculator (yes, I have a calculator specifically designed for figuring out points, thanks to my sis-in-law).

As much as I want to hate this diet, it is already working, and I am not starving myself - I actually eat more, just healthier. So updates shall be forthcoming, I'm sure.

I plan to post again before the month ends...

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Saturday, March 31, 2007


I forgot! March also brought aging with it.

As of the 27th, I am now 28. Dangerously close to thirty.

I may have to take that "List of things I will do before 30" more seriously now.

(...and with that, I posted twice in March. Boo-yah!)


Wha' happened!?

Sorry, once again, for my great neglect. I figured if I jumped on here and said something before the evening ends, at least I didn't let the blog go blank for an entire month.

I have good excuses, though. I promise. No, really. Don't give me that look.

The first week of the month I was travelling - another TRAFFIC conference in Vegas (ooo...I just revealed something about my job - ready, set, GOOGLE!). While I generally enjoy traveling for work, there is something about Vegas, aside from the 5 hour flight, that I find absolutely draining. I returned exhausted, only to be greeted by an earlier than usual time change that robbed me of yet another valuable hour of sleep.

If I could have spent the month playing catch up on the sleep deficit presented in the beginning of the month, I would have.

But, with the changes in my job, (wait for it...another reveal!) I have been busier than expected. New bosses, new position, new office; it has been busy to say the least.

In addition, there has been the stress of waiting around to find out about a friend who was enduring all sorts of scary tests, who was diagnosed with a scary rare disease, only to find out that the diagnosis was not final, and was in fact, incorrect...then waiting for the real diagnosis. (Happily, she is ok - and no doubt looking fantastic as ever ;) )

But wait, there's more! There has been casual house hunting intermingled in all the madness. Casual house hunting that somehow resulted in placing an offer on a house and now being in the process of signing lots of papers and nodding like I understand what is going on. (No, escrow is not a leafy green vegetable favored by Italians, served best with garlic and olive oil...)

Is that all? Probably not. The discovery that caffeine IS in fact as bad for my sensitive heart as they say (this was confirmed by the shakes and jitters) has been a joy. And, well, I won't go into detail about what happens when you mistakenly take t0o many magnesium pills, but I will say that you shouldn't try it.

So how is that for a March update?

I will be back in April...when in April has yet to be determined. And at some point, I will start posting pictures again.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Feb BRU rary

Conversation the other day in my office:

Sister on Phone: Tell D (my German coworker) I said, 'wassup'.
Me (to coworker): My sister says, 'wassup'.
Coworker: Why?
Me: It's Black History Month. She's representin' our 3%.
Coworker: Really?
Me: Sure.
Coworker: Wow.

On the same day, discussing Beyonce's Irreplaceable:

Male Coworker: So what does that song mean, anyway? 'To the left'?
Me: That's where the guy's stuff is. In a box. On the left. She wants him to know that he can take what is in the box. And only what is in the box, cause she paid for everything else.
Male Coworker: But why?
Me: Cause he is no good, so he needs to get ta' steppin.
Male Coworker: Get to what?
Me: Steppin'. He needs to leave. She doesn't need him anymore - and she can have a better man in a minute because she is a strong black woman.
Male Coworker: *looks confused* Oh.

Man, my office is white.


This morning was my first TMJ therapy session.

After meeting my chiropractor for my rib a week or so ago, I asked him about the constant popping sound my jaw was making (it is really loud - upon checking it out, the doctor said, "you can't sneak up on anyone, can you?"... which I guess would be true, if I snuck up on people like I was PacMan). It has been making it for some time, but I am trying to be better about taking care of myself, so I decided it was about time that I address the problem. As a result, Dr. Levine set me up for an appointment with one of his massage therapists. Since I love my chiropractor and I love massage, I couldn't imagine that this would be a bad thing.

When I arrived, I was shown to one of the massage rooms and the therapist worked on my neck and shoulders for a while. This seemed like the kind of therapy I would enjoy. The work moved to my head and face, which was still enjoyable...and then the latex gloves went on. And he asked me to open my mouth.

And then there was pain.

For anyone who ever has to have this therapy, I would like to forewarn you, it is painful. Think dental work painful.

But I suffered through it. No tears, no whimpering, just lots of slow breathing. When I could remember to breathe. (I forgot several times.)

The good thing is that my jaw is popping way less already. And this may help my headaches. So with pain, there is hope.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Addition

Since the cat count in our home had dwindled down to one (Sasha and Bink are both gone), we decided a few weeks ago that the remaining cat, Elliot, needed a friend. So after spending an afternoon visiting many a shelter, we decided on a 4 month old kitten named Oliver.

Oliver's extremely soft spotted coat made me curious, so after a little research, I discovered that he is a Bengal. In reading more about his breed, it seems that many agree that these cats show a lot of doglike qualities.

One of these qualities that Oliver (we still have not determined if that is going to be his permanent name - feel free to recommend...) shows that is very doglike is his love of fetch. His favorite thing to do is chase a rolled up piece of paper, pick it up, bring it to one of us, then wait for the throw. Then it starts all over again. It would probably get old if he wasn't so cute.

I'll have to take a picture someday soon, but until then, he looks a lot like this.

In other news, I popped a rib on Friday. (Yup, again.) Fortunately, I went to the chiropractor first thing this time and that managed to keep me from experiencing the same level of pain I had last time (Dr. Levine is the best!). Under doctor's orders, I went in for a massage before my adjustement today.

Every day should begin like today - listen to Steve Harvey on the way in to work, get a massage, then get to the office at about 9:30. Just as productive, but in a much better mood. I highly recommend it.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Funny Girl

Last night I was talking with two youngs girls, young enough to (sadly) be my own kids. (Frightening, eh?) While I joked with them about whatever silliness we were discussing, one of them informed me of the following:

"You are a funny girl adult."

To which I responded:

"Better than being a funny boy adult."

I then asked if it was a bad thing to be a funny girl adult. I was informed that it was not bad, just strange. Evidently, there are many funny boy adults in this world, but when girls become adults, they become serious. They tell you stories about purses and clothes and while they may laugh, they are NOT funny. They agreed that a funny girl adult is something they like, but they had to think about it, since it hadn't come up before.

I was happy to hear that I can be counted among such a small minority. And sad to hear that as a gender, we are so dull to be around.

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