Monday, January 29, 2007

New Addition

Since the cat count in our home had dwindled down to one (Sasha and Bink are both gone), we decided a few weeks ago that the remaining cat, Elliot, needed a friend. So after spending an afternoon visiting many a shelter, we decided on a 4 month old kitten named Oliver.

Oliver's extremely soft spotted coat made me curious, so after a little research, I discovered that he is a Bengal. In reading more about his breed, it seems that many agree that these cats show a lot of doglike qualities.

One of these qualities that Oliver (we still have not determined if that is going to be his permanent name - feel free to recommend...) shows that is very doglike is his love of fetch. His favorite thing to do is chase a rolled up piece of paper, pick it up, bring it to one of us, then wait for the throw. Then it starts all over again. It would probably get old if he wasn't so cute.

I'll have to take a picture someday soon, but until then, he looks a lot like this.

In other news, I popped a rib on Friday. (Yup, again.) Fortunately, I went to the chiropractor first thing this time and that managed to keep me from experiencing the same level of pain I had last time (Dr. Levine is the best!). Under doctor's orders, I went in for a massage before my adjustement today.

Every day should begin like today - listen to Steve Harvey on the way in to work, get a massage, then get to the office at about 9:30. Just as productive, but in a much better mood. I highly recommend it.

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Current Mood: Relaxed
Words of Wisdom for the Day: "Don't jump from the fish grease to the chicken grease..."

Friday, January 19, 2007

Funny Girl

Last night I was talking with two youngs girls, young enough to (sadly) be my own kids. (Frightening, eh?) While I joked with them about whatever silliness we were discussing, one of them informed me of the following:

"You are a funny girl adult."

To which I responded:

"Better than being a funny boy adult."

I then asked if it was a bad thing to be a funny girl adult. I was informed that it was not bad, just strange. Evidently, there are many funny boy adults in this world, but when girls become adults, they become serious. They tell you stories about purses and clothes and while they may laugh, they are NOT funny. They agreed that a funny girl adult is something they like, but they had to think about it, since it hadn't come up before.

I was happy to hear that I can be counted among such a small minority. And sad to hear that as a gender, we are so dull to be around.

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Current Mood: HUNGRY...and I was going to order food, because food cooked and brought to me is the best kind of food when I am starving, but the place is not answering the phone. Curse them.