Thursday, August 18, 2005

If My Blog Were a Child... services would have been called. Sorry I have been neglecting the blog as of late.

I purchased a cd the other night while wasting some time at Borders. Borders has been a hang out of sorts for me since my teenage years. It has a calming effect on me. Fight with my parents? I headed to Borders. Boy trouble? You'd find me sipping a latte', writing in a journal and contemplating why I hated men. Bored? Yup. Same place. When I was living in Seattle, I did this a bit less, since there are so many other book stores to choose from, and there seemed to be something wrong with going to the big chain book store rather than the small independently owned ones. (Think Fox Books v. The Shop Around the Corner in "You've Got Mail")

But here I am, back in Florida, where the chain store rules. And being that I live 2 minutes away from a Borders, I have returned to my old ways.

As I browsed the music section for the second time, I picked up Alanis Morrisette's "new" cd. She re-released "Jagged Little Pill", a cd she first released 10 years ago. This time, the whole thing has been redone acoustically. I was a big fan of this cd 10 years ago. I have fond memories of driving to the Physics Olympics listening to this one. I was 16 when it came out, so listening to these songs remind me of the many things going on in my teenage life. It reminds me of skipping Spanish class. It reminds me of a guy on the golf team who complained about my lack of interest in him while he was drunk at a party, then later yelled at me because one of my friends upset one of "his golfers" the day of a match (Is that what they call it in golf?). It reminds me of wishing I was older and done with the nonsense of high school.

Since the cd has been redone acoustically, it has a slightly different sound. It is more mature and, to me, more powerful. I miss the old one, but I also love the new one. Which reminds me that I too am more mature, and that on some days, I miss the nonsense of being a teenager, but at the same time I am pleased with what 10 years has done to me as a person.

It also makes me think that perhaps I analyze things too much, and that my brain needs to go on vacation one of these days :).

In other news, we are currently planning a trip to see our friends in Nicaragua in November, so I am working on my Spanish. I have three months to accomplish quite a bit, so don't be surprised if I bust out with a little Espanol on the blog.

Quote of the Day: "POO!" ~exclaimed by a friend who is going with us on the Nicaragua trip - this was his way of expressing excitement
Clip of the Day: This one is a tie between two singers on the Rock Star:INXS reality show. (Yes, I started watching it....stop judging!) Check our Marty and MiG's performances.

Currently Listening to: The Ballad of Booth from Assasins (Broadway Play) sung by Victor Garber (he is the man, ya'll)
Current Mood: Excited about planning our trip!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hot and Cold

So I think that I may have come down with something. I have been coughing all morning, headachey, and my neck feels really stiff. As of this moment, the day's activities have consisted of video games, laying on the couch, watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off (and reviving my long time crush on Matthew Broderick), more laying on the couch, and then passing by the mirror to see how fantastic I look in sweatpants and fuzzy pink robe.

Fantastic? While feeling miserable? Yes. That would be thanks to my new haircut. I tried my sister's stylist this week, after failing at finding someone closer to where I live. I have to say, the man is well worth the drive. After all, the test of a truly great haircut is what it looks like when it dries naturally while you are lying down. Usually, scary things happen to even the best of hair when subjected to this level of testing. However, I can assure you that if I were to change into something more suitable than the pink fuzzy robe and some lipgloss I would be ready for a night on the town.

This is the hair that epic tales are made of.

Well, maybe not quite epics. But it was definitely deserving of a blog.

(Sidethought: In this age of technology, where we have developed all sorts of new vocabulary (i.e. blogging, im-ing, etc...) I began to worry that someone might read the word "epic" and think I meant e-pic, like a picture you send via the internet. You laugh, but try reading most adolescents blogs. Completely new set of vocabulary I tell you. And now I sound old.)

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Current Mood: Sickened by the slow demise of the English language. Or it could be the flu. You pick.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Everything in Balance

I haven't written in a while, so I was trying to come up with something to write about, to be sure that you all know I am not dead.

Nothing to exciting has been going on here...working out (yes, fairly regularly again), shopping, playing video games...that's about it.

So instead of writing about what is going on, I thought I would take a moment out to send some positive thoughts out there by talking about some of the things I am really grateful for having.

- A family that I not only love, but also like. I love spending time with my brothers and sisters. They are the funniest people I know, and I never have to worry about who I am around them. My mom calls me to go shopping with her. Even though it may take her an hour to pick out a set of silverware, we have fun doing it. My mother is probably largely responsible for my high cell phone bill. My dad calls me if we haven't talked in a few days, just to see how I am. We spent 8 hours in the car together in one weekend and weren't sick of each other by the end of it. My father saying he is proud of me is all it takes to make me cry.

- Wonderful friends. I have a network of friends that time and distance have no effect on. We can always pick up right where we left off, no matter how long its been since we last spoke. My friends are great listeners and never judge. They always seem to know what needs to be said, and how it needs to be said for me to actually hear it. My friends are also truly good people. In a world that is sorely lacking in that area, I am very fortunate to know so many.

- My spiritual heritage. I am glad that my parents brought me up with a desire to know about God and the bible, and discover my faith for myself. In a society where religion is frowned upon by many, often time with good reason, I am glad that I have such a strong backing in and understanding of my own faith. It gives me hope and has helped and continues to help me to lead a good life.

At this point I was thinking of writing about the things I am not thankful for (like crappy radio DJs for example), but I decided instead just to be positive for today.

That, and one of the cats keeps putting herself between me and the keyboard.

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