Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yo, yo!

I decided it would be best to take a little time away from the work laptop to move over to the "play" laptop and blog, so this doesn't become a once a month occurrence. (I am not in the mood to check my spelling today, so please excuse any errors in today's post.)

The recent events in my life:

Starting last Tuesday, I have been feeling less than well. I had a fever and felt my heart pounding harder and faster than usual. With the back flow issues that my heart is susceptible to, I find it very disconcerting when my heart acts funny, especially for long periods of time. I made an appointment with a new doctor for this week (since I still have not settled on a primary care physician, due to my last physician's decision to prescribe meds that contained an ingredient I told her I was allergic to - way to go Med school!).

Yesterday was my appointment. The usual (for me) took place. A conversation about my 800 symptoms, comments on the fact that I look 18, not 28, and further conversation on my non-existent blood pressur ensued. (My blood pressure obviously exists, but it is VERY quiet. Nurses and EMT's have always experienced much difficulty in hearing it.) I was prescribed several meds, for my heart fluttering, for pain, for nausea that might come with the pain - nothing terribly out of the ordinary. Just a new run of drugs.

This morning was my appointment with the lab for the blood draw (4 vials! ugh) and urinalysis (which is oh-so-fun, as it would appear that no matter how badly I have to pee, my body freezes at the thought of peeing into a cup). So at home I sit this week, still working, but comfortable on my couch, with easy access to meds, water, and the reassuring feeling that if I were to pass out, I am in my own house. I return to the doc for more testing and review of the labs on Tuesday.

The meds are pleasant so far, which is suprising, since most meds I have tried have "interesting" side effects. One of the meds just makes me feel...nice. I can think of a better way to describe it at the moment. Not drunk, not tired, just...nice. And the pain meds actually accomplish eliminating pain with just a bit of drowsiness (these are controlled substances that I am not allowed to drive, operate heavy machinery, etc on, ergo the suprise that there are no weird side effects yet.)

So, at the moment, I am no closer to having any reason for why I am falling apart at such a young age, but at least I am one step closer to finding some relief.

Speaking of age, the hubby and I were driving the other day and he got pulled over (one of those speed traps where the limit changes 10 feet away from where you are). We were within less than 1 mile of the house and I had, for some reason, not put my seat belt on yet. The cop, after asking for license and registration, said the following:

"Is there a reason your daughter is not in her seat belt?"

Yes, the cop mistook me for his daughter. Those of you who have seen my husband know that he does not exceedingly old. Even with his greying hair, he still looks very much his age (39). Which can only mean that I look like a teenager still. I even had makeup on and brushed my hair! Even after he told the cop that I was his wife, the cop leaned forward to look at me, and asked if I was old enough to receive the citation for not wearing a seat belt (and he used that voice you use with someone who is not an adult).

I guess I should take all this as a compliment. Ew. I am finally old enough to consider looking younger a good thing.

In other news, the WW diet is going really well. 9 pounds down (according to the doc's scale). Good to have some good news this month!

Listening to: Hickory Dickory Dock by Wynton Marsalis (off of one of my FAVORITE jazz albums)
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