Saturday, December 30, 2006

Up in the Gym, Workin' on my Fid'ness...

Goal one of the Technology Diet has been met! (---> insert crowd cheers here)

Actually, I met the goal over a week ago. But I finally rewarded myself last night with a congratulatory haircut. As the first goal was a mere five pounds, I still have a far too round (ahem, fat) face to wear short hair, so I just had my hair trimmed and layered a bit.

Today, I gave myself a bonus reward. Not a "bonus reward", as in a reward in addition to the already planned haircut, but a "bonus" reward, something I purchased with my year end bonus.

A new cookbook!!! (yes, yes, I am a dork)

The book is "Nigella Bites" by Nigella Lawson, a cook I saw on the Food Network. This is a woman who has my life. Or at least the kind of work life I wish I had.

She's actually an English journalist, who in the states is best known for her appearance on the TV show Nigella Bites, and her series of cookbooks. This woman has managed to combine the two things I love - food and writing - and make a living out of it. Since my father isn't a person of influence (her dad is some sort of important politician - my ignorance of British politics is amazing) I have not yet figured out how I could do the same.

So in the meantime, I continue on at my normal every day way of making a living. And working on my fitness.

Rock. Rock.

Currently Cooking: Double Potato and Feta Bake - from my new cookbook. This dish is, and I quote, "so upliftingly beautiful to look at: real good-mood colors". Sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, red onions, red and yellow pepper...mmmmm

Monday, December 18, 2006

Food, Glorious Food

As my work week grows more hectic, I find myself really revelling in doing very little onthe weekend. I tend to be excited to find out that we have no actual plans for the weekend, and I can instead spend it cleaning and catching up on laundry.

And watching the Food Network.

Ahhh yes, glorious cooking shows. One of my favorites is actually broadcast on BBC America, not The Food Network. It features Gordon Ramsay, a chef known in the states for the series "Hell's Kitchen", where he goes around yelling and cursing at the chefs competing for their own restaurant. His BBC series "The F Word" (F as in food...) is much milder and humorous. I have especially enjoyed following the storyline of raising his own turkeys for holiday dinner, and teaching his children that these turkeys are going to be eaten. Cute, yet slightly disturbing moment, when his kids say "hello" to Anthony, a turkey that they have helped feed a raise who is now roasting in the oven. Classy.

As a result of watching close to the equivalent of a day of cooking, I have declared that all future gifts bestowed upon me must involve something culinary. A mezzaluna, a mandoline, a dutch oven; I'd prefer any of these over jewelry or flowers. (I have also, as of this moment, decided that there needs to be a wikipedia exclusively created for cooking terminology).

The bad thing about taking in so much cooking in short period of time? I spend a lot more on my weekly groceries. Suddenly I feel compelled to purchase pancetta and prosciutto to make my meat sauce, rather than cheap Italian sausage. I purchase fresh cranberries and leeks, feeling that, if Iron Chef can make so much out of a simple ingredient, why can't I?

Sometimes I wish I could just cook for a living...but then I remember I would hate the hours and pressures of being a chef. The risk of that ruining my love of cooking is just not worth it.

So instead, my friends will just have to suffer through my culinary experimentation. Any volunteers?

Current Listening to: Last Girl on Earth by Supreme Beings of Leisure via - If you have not tried, it is AWESOME. You must try it. You'll love it. Trust me.
Current Mood: Excited about the impending visit of my brother and sis-in-law