Wednesday, November 29, 2006

in Absentia

Hey again...

Work has been busy, which in turn means I don't want to be on the computer typing when I get home.

But here I am. I thought you all deserved an update. (Those of you who do not have the luxury of IM'ing me on a regular basis ;) )

The Technology Diet (or DDR Diet) is cotinuing to go well. I have been wicked tired lately, which means I haven't been getting up every morning to hit the dance mat. However, I have been trying to do something remotely active each day, and my new subscription to Cooking Light has been helpful in keeping the calorie count down. Also helpful? Eating out less (which also helps our slightly tighter budget, with our now one-income household).

All in all, I have lost 4 pounds since day 1. That doesn't include the gain (I went up 4 pounds fromthe original weight). So, in a way, I lost 8 pounds. But only 4 count towards the first milestone.

So I am currently one pound away from a haircut. Which is good...'cause it's getting long and split-endy.

And that's it for the update. Tired now.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How Much Does a Lung Weigh...

Day 2:

Still eating well, and spent an hour on the dance mat this morning. Woo hoo!

An addition to my bevy of technological aids in the quest for better health (and better body) is This site is a great way to track your exercise and your caloric intake. Best of all - it is free.

Unfortunately, I am spending the evening on the couch hacking up a lung. I caught a bad cold when I got back from Hollywood over a week ago and I have yet to fully recover. This evening the coughing is violent which is in turn causing my head to hurt. Not conducive to getting more dance mat time in (jumping around doesn't mix with a headache).

This will be an evening of Excedrin and lying down. (I wonder how many calories are in an Excedrin?)

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Weight a minute....

Day 1:

Me eat good.

But really, I didn't once break down and hit the office bag of Doritos, or bucket of candy. And despite the amazing smell of homemade pumpkin cookies (made from an actual pumpkin) filling the air in my house at the moment, I haven't eaten one. Willpower tastes water, I think.

Exercise went a little differently than I originally planned. The idea was to get up at 6:00 am and hit the elliptical before work. Unfortunately, a late night fight with a coughing fit that was only won with the assistance of a healthy (or not so healthy) dose of Nyquil made 6:00 am a rather impossible feat. I still got up early enough to eat breakfast (organic shredded wheat in organic lowfat milk), so at least I succeeded in one part of my morning plan.

When I arrived home, I knew that I needed to exercise some, otherwise I would feel like my new plan had failed before it started. So out came the DDR mat. Dancing around with the the game's voice telling me that I was "no ordinary man" (uh thanks) and that I had "smooth moves" was just as good as having some personal trainer at a gym count reps for me.

Prior to working out, I weighed myself for the first time (for the spreadsheet of course). 179 pounds. (Did I not mention that I am actually going to give you guys weights and measurements? More accountablility - and seeing the numbers in print makes me more adamant about changing things.)

After lots of dancing, which was a LOT of fun, the screen told me that I had burned 400 calories. Woo-hoo!! I jumped back on the scale, just to be funny to find...that I had gained 2.5 pounds since before I started working out. I believe this has to be the fastest weight gain in the history of...well...I don't know. I took a shower, came back downstairs, and stepped on the scale again. Still the same.


This 5 pound goal is going to be harder than I thought...

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fitness Redux (or Retrix?)

Things have been busy...but I need to get back to writing regularly.

Recent events include:

Business trip to South Florida for a week.
Newly unemployed hubby.
Recarpeting the office.
Throwing out the couch (thanks, Elliot)

But the most recent occurence would be my decision (yet again) to lose weight. Yup. Again.

Helping me along in this process are the following:

1. Pro-form XP 110 - I purchased an elliptical trainer. The idea being, if it is right here, in my house, in front of the TV, I WILL work out. And if I instead choose to sit and watch TV, the guilt of being in such close proximity to the machine and not using it will eventually drive me to exercise whether or not I want to. Bonus: Getting up early to work out is a lot easier when you only have to walk downstairs to get the "the gym".

2. Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova - On an evening of hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law, we discovered the fun of a dance pad. We also discovered the sore muscles and burnt calories that result from this fun. So now, I have one in my house. Now, when I am bored, rather than playing a video game that does nothing for my ever expanding posterior, I can sweat it up in my living room to Crystal Method and The Boggles.

3. Google - Is there anything it can't do?? Not only can it find me all sorts of great low calorie ways to eat things I actually like, but it also gives me spreadsheets. Spreadsheets? Yes. I have been too cheap to purchase MS Office for my Mac. But with the advent of Google Docs and Spreadsheets, I can now track my weight loss, calories, measurements, and anything else I can think of. I love me some spreadsheets. (E knows what I'm talking about, don't ya? Now if only I could translate my loss into a relational database....droool)

4. Victoria's Secret Sports Bra - Quality, my friends. That's all I'm gonna say.

5. Rewards for Milestones - I've decided to give myself a reward of some kind when I hit a milestone. I am starting small. When I hit my first five pounds of weight loss, I get to go to the salon and get a new hair cut. I have been dying to get it cut, so I thought this would be a good reward to get me started.

6. Verstand - Yeah. My blog will be a tool. Back in the day, when I started this, and I was attempting to lose weight for my sister's wedding, I found that I was doing good when I was "reporting" the results here. It was some odd feeling of accountability. So I am going to give that a try again.

I am sure there will be more tools that I will be adding - feel free to give your suggestions.

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