Thursday, January 31, 2008


...And March's vacation location is....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vacation Planning...

It's been a long while since we've taken a real vacation, one that didn't involve visiting people/places we already know. So we broke down and did a little planning.

We originally were looking at going the cruise route. Lots of people we know LOVE cruises, and the idea that everything is there - activities, food, places to laze about - seemed promising.

But after much researching, we came to a non-cruise decision. And I am VERY excited.

When I was about 11 or so, some friends of the family told me about this wonderful place where they vacationed. The clearest water they had ever seen, perfect weather, turtles (particularly appealing facet to an 11 yr old me); this place had everything as far as I was concerned.

And now I am going. We are finalizing the dates this evening for early March.

Wanna know where? Do 'ya?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So I realized that I mentioned in an earlier post that I was excited that there would be a new little person in my life. I neglected to go back and clarify that this new little person is my oldest brother's first kid, a little boy. They've yet to pick out a name, although we for some reason refer to him as Vladmir when talking about him (my brother programmed his wife's cell phone number in my phone as "Mom o'Vlad").

We threw a baby shower for them when they last visited a few weeks ago, which was great fun. Being that they live in Philly, we all felt the need to be sure that the baby was clothed solely by us for the next two years, or so it would appear by the massive amounts of clothes and shoes they went back with.

Mom o'Vlad recently posted on her blog about the baby kicking my brother in the face, which made me a proud aunt. I already think this kid is awesome and he isn't even out yet.

She is due in March, so I can not wait to meet him. With the parents he has, he is bound to be the smartest and funniest baby ever.

Babies are so cool (when you aren't the one having them :) ).

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Monday, January 14, 2008


...not to be confused with Wheezie.

I can't believe I have not written anything since November. I mean, I can believe it, but it's sad that I find myself so unreliable. But I've already told you all about my commitment issues, so the fact that this blog even still exists is a testament to me growing up and changing.

Or something.

I am sick with a horrible cold, for the second time in a span of about three weeks (if that). I managed to get well enough the first time to resemble a living being when visiting my corporate office in Massachusets last week. Then, upon my arrival home, I started the entire miserable cycle again. In my weakened state, I was not able to fend off the germs of a populated office, so I have been spending my day attempting to cover up my extremely nasally voice while talking to clients.

The joys of a sleepy immune system.

In other news, the wedding I attended in Seattle last month was wonderful. It was great to be able to be there for a friend who deserved it. I was happy to play Carmelita* through the whole affair.

There probably won't be a ton of posting this month either, as I am off to L.A. on Monday for a conference.

So this was mostly a pointless post, to let you all know I am alive. And movin' on the east side.

Favorite reference of the day: "It's like the Donner Party here!" Most of my fellow employees were snowed in today, leading one of the higher ups to say the above. I wanted to comment on the disturbing scene that painted if he were to run out of oxen, but then I worried that there might be another Donner Party he was referring to, and left it alone.

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*Carmelita is my former roomies' make believe maid, whom they blame when things aren't tidy...