Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Blogiversary!

Today the blog is one whole year old. Awww...isn't it cute?

One year ago today I decided that I had something interesting enough to say that it should be public information.

One year ago today I had a job that gave me so little to do I had time to make posts at work.

One year ago today I was trying to lose weight.

One year ago today, the journey began...

I wonder if I was as cheesy one year ago?

Since it is the anniversary of the blog, I thought a gift to the blog was in order. What is this gift? A new venue from which to write. A house. Yes, that is correct. I said a house. Last night we signed some paperwork and made it official.

Officially rented anyway.

I am still excited, as I have been living in apartments or townhomes for the past 6 years, so I have missed house living. This is where I would show you pictures of the new place, but I still seem to be missing my camera. (*AHEM*)

The house has three bedrooms, giving us a true spare room for guests (in the apartment, guests get to sleep in the office). So to all my out of town friends, I will reiterate. We have a guest room.

Guest bed, no. But we have to start somewhere.

You've come a long way, oh blog o' mine.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another Reason to Go to MadagascARRRRR

This is my new favorite....errrr....crawly thing.

They are called Assassin spiders. They are notorious for stabbing helpless spiders with their sharp, venom-filled fangs attached to their super-sized jaws. Unlike most spiders they do not spin webs.

Look at him. Tell me he is not cool.

The fact that they pose no threat to humans is also a plus.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Waxing Quixotic

My quest is over. I have finally found an aesthitician to wax my brows who neither scares me, nor forces me to have tiny white girl eyebrows. I may have scared her a bit with my enthusiasm. ("You are my NEW BROW LADY! I am so happy...") But really, it is good news for me. Those of you out there who get anything waxed with regularity know it's true.

After my already euphoric experience of having my brows properly shaped with little pain involved, I was led to a dimly lit room for my massage appointment. If there was one luxury in life I could have constantly at my disposal, I believe it would be a good massage therapist. ("What? Not a brow waxer?" --No, that is a necessity folks, not a luxury)

The therapist did a lovely job, and even explained that I seem to have the beginnings of tendonitis - all those hours in front of the computer - and recommended some therapy to eliminate some of that pain I have been experiencing in my wrists.

I also need to soak my calves. I let her believe it was from my intense workout regimen. More likely it comes from driving a stick and living on the third floor.

Work was busy today, but had its enjoyable moments. My boss was explaining to our engineers some business principles. He used the idea of a scoutmaster trying to get the whole troop to a destination. How do you keep them together? By putting the fastest kids in the back and the slowest at the front. You also give the faster kids more stuff to carry.

Later in the day, I received an e-mail from one of the engineers asking me to take care of a task. So I responded:

"This must be what *boss' name* meant by the "fast kids" carrying the supplies on the hike. Guess I must be a fast kid, fatty. "

Name calling like that is what makes you well liked by your peers.

I am hoping to get some more writing accomplished this weekend. There is a writer's conference in New York in April that I was thinking about attending, but I feel I need to have a solid amount of work done to make it worthwhile. (This would be in addition to the whichever conference we make it to in the fall, L, so no worries, I am not ditching you.)

And that is all...

Favorite thing overheard in a Starbucks this week:
"Organic! Well....woooooo....fancy." -- local businessman in reaction to my latte with organic milk

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Useless Information In My Head

It is already February. I still haven't quite caught up to the shift in year yet.

Did you know that February was the last month to be added to the Roman calendar? Evidently, they considered the winter to be "monthless" and March began their year. (If you live in Seattle, winter does seem monthless, so I can understand this reasoning.) That is why we have September, October, November, December (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th months).

January and February were added later, January being named for Janus, a two faced god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, while February was named for the god Februus, the Etruscan god of purification, who incidentally, hung out in the underworld. Februus got a promotion (not sure how that happens...) and became God of the Underworld, or Pluto and then later somehow melded with some Greek ideas and became the goddess of purity and love and all that. So February had a festival for this goddess, which is where Valentine's Day has roots.

Interesting, no? ("Um, yeah. No.")

All those years of studying Roman history in Latin class, gotta let that info out sometime.

In other news...I think I am gearing up for another run at going to the gym regularly. I have noticed that I lost some weight (cause my jeans are more comfortable than usual) and thought I should run with the accidental progress.

Well, maybe not "run" exactly, but perhaps some nice cross training.

And now, for a list of random things from the past week:

Overheard in a grocery store:
Mom to Little Son: "No honey, we have yogurt at home already."
Son (very matter of factly): "But this is GOgurt. Its better."
Proof that marketing works.

Favorite celebrity couple: Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy - saw them on the S.A.G awards (yes, I watched them because I am a dork) and they are so cute...and actually have talent.

Most creepy celebrity child: Dakota Fanning. I don't know what it is, but she creeps me out. Something in the eyes. Everyone else thinks she is cute - maybe there is something wrong with me.

Weirdest dream: I had a dream a few evenings ago that I had heart surgery. It was exploratory. Evidently, to figure out what is wrong with me, they needed to cut my heart in half and then switch sides so they could look inside. (If you have ever seen The Cell [I saw it on TV], there is a scene where a horse gets chopped into slices and you can see all his organs looked like that). As if this procedure was not odd enough, I was having it performed in the portable at my old elementary school that used to be the room where I met for art class. Way weird.

Most disturbing exercise trend: Bosu. Just look at it. Ummm....yeah.

Cute unexpected movie: My Date with Drew. Warning: If you hate Drew Barrymore, don't watch this documentary. I however, like her, so I thought it was cute.

Movie I Couldn't Finish: Fever Pitch. Maybe if you are in love with baseball you will enjoy the movie. I just could not get interested enough to finish watching it. Which is pretty bad, cause I will watch some pretty dull stuff, just to see how it ends.

The blog has been rather pictureless lately, because my sister has my camera. When she returns it (AHEM) I'll post some photos. :)

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