Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am AWESOME....

...and sweaty.

This morning was spent sitting in an empty apartment waiting for a dresser to be delivered and the cable man to show up. I managed to finish the book I was reading and start on a new one (purchased today for just that reason).

I had just a few hours to return to the other apartment, only to get back here for yet another delivery. After the long hours of waiting this morning and feeling rather unproductive, I decided that I should move our computer to the new place. I had not yet packed it, and honestly, would not be able to as I had run out of boxes. So I figured I would get it over to the new place today and set it up, so that tomorrow I could blast Launchcast as I spend countless hours unpacking.

A computer and monitor are heavy, ya'll.

I piled it all into a laundry basket, determined to accomplish this all in one trip. I was successful, but not without pain as I made it to the bottom of the stairs at the old place. I was already sweating far beyond a lady-like glisten, and there was still the job of carrying everything upstairs (to the third floor) of the new place.

For my Seattle friends, that perhaps don't experience the same intense heat that we have here in Florida, I will let you in on a little something. Things grow heavier when it's 90-plus degrees out and your hands are slippery with your own sweat.

I headed to the new place, stopping off at Walmart (I'm sorry, I don't care that evil WMart is choking out the small business owner - I love a place where I can buy cat litter, deodorant, and underwear all in one trip for the low price of whatever change I can find in my car). As I pulled up to the new place, I felt that being in the air conditioned Walmart and my car I had sufficiently cooled down enough to try moving the computer again.

As I opened the trunk, a questionable looking character walked by and offered help. As the beads of sweat already began to gather on my brow, discussing the appropriate path to slide down in order to blind me, I thanked the man, but lied and said I could handle it. I figured at three floors up, if this man was in fact some sort of psychotic killer, my escape options would be limited.

Up the first flight I struggled. I got to the top step and my keys fell out of my pocket. And of course, they couldn't just land on a step. They had to fall through to the ground level. I put down the laundry basket o' technology and ran down to retrive the keys. Back up again, now silently cursing my desire to accomplish something more than waiting on deliveries all day, I headed towards the next flight. It is a good thing that there wasn't a fourth floor for me to go to. If there had been, someone on the third would have been the proud owner of a computer and laundry basket right about now.

So I am writing this entry in the new apartment! (Yes, I managed to not only get the thing up here, but also get it connected to the internet)

Tomorrow we will officially be moved in here (the bed will be here - I believe you are officially in a place when your bed and computer are both there)

Listening to: Recycled Air by The Postal Service
Current Mood: HUNGRY - no food in this place
Currently Reading: a moment ago - The Bible (I guess that should always be under the currently reading category, as I try to read a little every day); also just started Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs.

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eden said...

amber. You are super woman. Love the description of the ascent. :)
Hugs. Congrats on the new digs.