Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pack and Recap

Hey everybody.

I am taking a short break from packing to pay attention to you all. Awww. How nice of me.

I am spending today packing up the apartment. The moving trucks don't arrive until Friday morning, but tomorrow I have the privilege of sitting in the new apartment to wait for the cable guy and a couple of deliveries, so I figured it would be best to pack up today.

I have mostly cleared out the kitchen and the closets, which leaves me at the point of packing where you have a non-descript hodge podge of items that you are never really sure how to pack, so they end up getting dumped into whichever box/bag is closest and not sealed. Not the most fun ever, ergo this break.

Haven't written much this past week so here is a recap:

Tuesday, June 28th ~
Last day of work. Worked 9 hours straight packing up the office and transferring all items to a storage locker. In the pouring rain. Nice.

Wednesday, June 29th ~
Friends arrived from Seattle en route to their new home in Nicaragua. They are going their to expand their ministry.

Thursday, June 30th ~
Took aforementioned friends to the mall for their last taste of American living and spending. Moment of silence for Banana Republic and Cinnabon was observed.

Friday, July 1st ~
Spent more time with same friends, dinner with them and family.

Saturday, July 2nd ~
Drove to Miami with friends and, in a separate vehicle, my older brother and his wife. Communicated by walkie talkie which proved entertaining. Sang along to Barbara Streisand's Essentials Collection. At this point we discovered that we are dorks, but in an endearing way.

Visited my grandparents when we arrived in Miami. Saw my grandfather for the first time since his mind has started to go (dementia?) and realized for the first time how bad it was. He was still entertaining as he always is, but it was sad to see him ask the same questions over and over.

Went to Coral Gables and walked around and had tapas for dinner. Discovered that one should not order Morcilla if one does not know what it is. (It's blood sausage ya'll. Fortunately we discovered this before we actually started eating it.) Played Carcassone, a German board game, at the hotel.

Sunday, July 3rd ~
Took our friends to the airport. And cried. At this point, it was silly for me to cry, since our friends lived in Seattle, so it wasn't as if we saw them regularly anyway. But the crying on their side made sense. Leaving to a new place, unfamiliar, away from friends and family. Doing something new, exciting, but also scary. Maybe my tears weren't about just missing friends, but being proud of them, scared for them, and just being happy that I have such wonderful people in my life.

Monday, July 4th ~
Slept in at the hotel. Headed back home.

Tuesday, July 5th ~
Packed. Got nauseous (unrelated to the packing or pregnancy - NO I am NOT pregnant just because I am nauseous!). Packed some more.

So there you go. You are all up to date. And now I should probably get back to packing.

Quotable Quote of the Trip:
"You're a black and cream dream." - anonymously said to my husband when wearing a new black and cream shirt (see, I kept you anonymous - you know who you are)

Listening to: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan
Current Mood: slightly overwhelmed by the mess I am making in attempts to pack
Currently Reading (NEW FEATURE!): The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson. I never thought much about reading books that are accounts of other peoples travels. Actually, I take that back. I had thought about it. The thought was, "Reading about other people's travels? No thanks." I was very wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Buffett's "A Pirate Looks at Fifty" is also a good book about travels!