Friday, July 22, 2005

Tales of a 5 Pound Shirt

Today was my fourth successful day in a row getting my butt to the gym. I "biked" for six miles or so, then worked my abs, arms, and other parts of the body. (I skipped thighs, because they are burning from the last three days of working out)

I decided to step on the scale to see if my four days of working out had done anything. Y'know, not that I expected any great weight loss, just for kicks.

I have gained 5 pounds in the last 4 days. That's right. It's not a typo. I gained five pounds.

So one of four things happened:

1) A weekend of tasty hospital food and guava pasteles caught up with me.

2) My overly ambitious work outs of the past four days have packed on major muscle.

3) I need to make a MAJOR bowel movement. (Ha! I just made someone choke on their lunch)

4) My shirt, the one major difference of my workout wardrobe today, weighs approximately 5 pounds.

I am hoping it is not number one, for obvious reasons. I also have reason to doubt this, as my stomach is visibly flatter than it was on Monday, pre-working out.

I don't know enough about how muscle is built and how much it weighs to know if number two is even a possibility.

Number three...I just said that to remind you all that I can be gross and immature at times. (In case you didn't get that from my repeated laughing over "groin".)

So that leaves numero cuatro. On Tuesday, the initial weigh in, I was wearing a super lightweight (seriously, I may as well have left the shirt home) non sleeved shirt. Today, three quarter sleeves in a fabric of a more normal density. A five pound difference? Perhaps not. But it is definitely a more comforting option.

Not too much else to report. Man. I am boring. Pretty soon I am going to have to start making up stories of what is going on in my life.

Actually it isn't that bad.

Quotable Words of the Week:
"Hippocampus" ~used by my almost Phd brother in explaining what could be causing my grandfathers dementia
"conclusing" ~my husband, when evidently undecided as to whether he should say conclusion or conclduing

Listening to: Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
Current Mood: I feel GOOD! Exercise is a good thing, ya'll.
Currently Reading: Poems from e.e. cummings


eden said...

i'm sure it's some sort of steel plated cotton that causes the t-shirt to weigh that much.

Very proud of your gym accoplishments.

Lori's nephew is visiting. A fifteen year old who's starting to develope "guns" from his time at the gym. EGADS.

Love the quotes at the end. Cracked me Up!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Blog!