Friday, July 15, 2005

Road Trip

I am leaving today for Miami once again.

My grandfather (dad's dad) needs to be in the hospital again, as they need to amputate his toe. Because of his failing memory, someone needs to be with him all the time in the hospital to explain why he is there and what is going to happen. So my father is going to stay with him at the hospital this weekend so his brother can have a break.

I am going along since it seems like a sad thing to have to do alone. I imagine if I had to go sit in a hospital for a few days to explain over and over to my father what the doctors are about to do to him, I would be a wreck. And having a four hour drive before and after to sit in silence and think about it would drive me even crazier.

The Element's road trips seem to be sad ones - a cross country move, and a long distance trip to the hospital.

In happier news, I pick up my mom's anniversary present today. And I will probably make a book store run so I have something to read during the long hours in the hospital waiting room.

Listening to: The Boy in the Bubble by Paul Simon
Current Mood: dirty and sweaty (not really mood - but that is what I am)
Currently Cleaning: the Element, since my dad will be riding in it

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