Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Once Upon a Time...

...I started this blog in part to keep track of my working out/weight loss progress. Then, somewhere along the way, I got distracted by a million other things.

Today I decided it was time to get back on track. I went to the gym!

(----> insert cheers from the crowd here)

I was there for over an hour. (Yes, I was actually working out that whole time...why must you all doubt me so?)

Special thanks in completing that hour go out to:

Glamour magazine: You taught me what cut and color of jeans hide my exponentially expanding posterior, how not to have "bra bacon" (yes, that is a direct quote), and that it is ok to be my size, even if the model on your cover is about 10 sizes smaller and 5 inches taller. During that educational process you distracted me for a good thirty minutes, and unwittingly reminded me that my stomach is not worthy to grace your underwear ads.

IPod Shuffle: I never know what you are going to play next. You are so mysterious and unpredictable. And you never judge me for mixing Judybats with J.Lo. I love you.

Fat lady doing sit ups next to me: I feel so less self-concious about the sit-up roll I create when you are close by. What would I do without you?

Torrential downpour outside: A healthy fear of your powerful and awe-inspiring lightning bolts and the thought of the impromptu wet t-shirt contest I would be joining if I had left the gym inspired me to spend an extra 20 minutes burning calories.

I feel that with such overwhelming support, it would be ungrateful of me to ignore my workout routine another day. So there may be mention of it here and there again.

If you would like to join my support team, please, feel free to tell me stories of your own attempts at getting yourself moving. Or call me fatty. Either will do.

We will be like Oprah's little weight loss club. Except poorer. And a little meaner. :)

Current Mood: I feel energetic. Sweaty and smelly, but ready to do a little sweaty, smelly dance.
Listening to: Destiny by Zero 7


eden said...

Bravo! I'm glad you have all those "helpers" to keep you at the gym. My favorite is the rain showers that kept you from the unintened wet tee episode. Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

was clappy there?


amber said...

Yes he was as a matter of fact, helping some old woman with her workout. He gave me a big "hey, you're here!" smile.

Good ole clappy. :)