Monday, September 04, 2006

New Music Monday

Don't let the title of this post fool you. The implication that I will regularly be posting a music review every Monday is misleading, as is this implication that I would be posting anything with any regularity.

However, this post is about music, so at least I haven't completely misled you.

Last night I went to The Social to see not only the headline artist of the evening, Anna Nalick, but also the opening act, Joshua Radin. It has been quite a while since I have been to a concert, which is suprising since I love music and thoroughly enjoy listening to it live. Being at The Social last night reminded me why I miss going to concerts and why I haven't been in so long.

First off, the why I haven't been...

I don't seem to like people. Ok. Maybe that is not entirely true. Actually, if you know me, I seem fairly outgoing and sociable. But at a concert, I suddenly dislike people. I dislike the 15 year olds that get in with fake ids, standing in front of the stage telling the artist to dedicate a song to them, then talking through his set. I dislike the mass by the bar who chatter loudly through the entire concert (are there not 50 other establishments where they could be drinking and talking?). I dislike the girl with the plunging neckline who eagerly pushed in front of J to tell someone on the stage to tell the guitar player that "Lee from St Pete" is here tonight, then looked bored with the music the rest of the night.

Sometimes I think I am too young to be this cranky. But I just want concert audiences to be filled with people that truly appreciate music. Is that such a horrible thing?

Happily, the music itself was well worth the annoyances of the evening. The headliner, Anna Nalick, was better in person than on her CD (and I like her cd). She not only has an amazingly powerful voice, which I believe does not come across fully on the CD, she is an entertaining performer. Not in a Vegas, outlandish way. It was more like hanging out with my sister for the evening. (My sister, as those of you who know her are already aware, is more than mildly amusing.) Towards the end of the evening, she imitated all of the people she has opened for the past two years, including the Wallflowers, Sting, Dixie Chicks, Aaron Carter (yeah, that's right), Train, Rob Thomas and Chris Isaak. Again, very entertaining.

The opening act was the big suprise of the night. Joshua Radin, who you may not have heard of yet (I emphasize yet) has had his music featured on Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, and The Last Kiss soundtrack. I had heard a song or two before the night of the concert and thought, "This sounds nice." Nothing to get too excited about.

This guy is really good. His lyrics, his voice, even his was all beautiful. He was accompanied by Priscilla Ahn, who is also worth checking out. Her voice perfectly complemented his - it was just sad that their performance was so short. If they tour in your area, you should check them out.

All in all, it was a really great great evening, as far as the music goes.

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