Friday, February 01, 2008

The Forecast is Optimistic

As you may or may not have noticed, I changed the template I use for this blog (again). This one felt clean and light (neither of which I am feeling at this precise moment. ha! and also, ew!)

One thing I noticed after making the change, was the post count it gives by year and month for the blog. So if you all will take a moment to look to the right of your screen (uhhh...the other right...the hand that makes the backwards L) you will notice that in '05, when I started this blog, I posted 119 times. Not a daily blogger, but respectable. Enough to make you check back on a regular basis.

The following year, I had dropped to posting only a third as much (look at me and my use of fractions...woot.)

This past year - 10 posts. Not even a monthly update. So sad.

So I have resolved (not be confused with "I made a resolution") to post more regularly this year. Considering I already am posting at 50% of last years activity, things are looking good. So expect some odd posts that arise solely from the need to post.

Not unlike this post.

Listening to: Run, Freedom, Run from Urinetown: The Musical
Current Mood: optimistic. i thought we covered that. you all really need to start listening better if I am going to post more. i mean, really.

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