Monday, March 17, 2008

The Quest for a New Me

...ok. You're on to me. I'm not really on a quest for a new me. The current me is a fairly pleasant model and doesn't exactly need replacing, but a little remodeling here and there couldn't hurt. To that end, recent changes are as follows:

1. Eat better. A lot better.

All who know me well are aware of my affinity for food. Not in a gluttonous, can't get enough o' 'dem cheeseburgers and fries way, but in more of a fascination with the variety of flavors and sensations provided by something that serves as our daily sustenance. Having said that, a busy lifestyle and bad habits over the years have led to a lot of convenience eating. Not just your fast food fare, as I started tapering that off a few years ago, but processed, bagged, canned; anything that can be prepared by just opening it and/or heating it.

This habit of convenience eating has also meant a fridge that rarely had much to offer in fresh fruit and veggies. Which is a shame, since I actually LIKE fruit and vegetables, and if they around (particularly if they aren't competing with a bag of chips) I will eat them.

After doing some research online, I discovered an organic produce DELIVERY service in my area. Now this sounded too good to be true. Someone will bring me a regular supply of fresh, organic veggies? And not only am I helping myself, but I can also help the environment? Score!

The service so far has been great. The veggies taste amazing (there really IS a difference with organic) and since I know that I have another load coming the following week, I make sure that I eat them all, which crowds out the appetite and desire for the, well, undesirables in my kingdom of food.

Now I won't have you all thinking that I have made some completely radical change. I still enjoy my regular cup of coffee (yeah, I haven't kicked that...does putting organic milk and raw sugar in it make it ok?) and dark chocolate when I crave something in sweet (this in particular...worth every penny).

But the changes in the past few weeks have already manifested themeselves in fewer headaches and fewer pounds. (woot!)

2. Get a tan.

Sounds incredibly shallow, and I know that everyone says laying in the sun is horrible for you. But even with SPF 50, I get a tan. And after returning from our trip in the Caymans, I am my more natural color. I look healthier. I feel healthier. And as everyone knows (and if you don't, prepare to be schooled) tan fat looks less fat than pale fat.

3. Be nicer.

I know. I am not exactly mean. At least not to your face. But privately, in my mind (or with those closest to me) I can be pretty brutal. And while I must admit, sometimes I can be hilarious in my execution of insults, I don't really like that side of me. It's a judgmental, dare-I-say elitist quality that I find repulsive in others, and therefore, need to work on in myself.

4. Be More Outgoing

Again, what? I am not outgoing? In reality, I'm not. I pretend to be, but it's exhausting. And lately, I haven't been bothering much with pretending. Which in of itself isn't a horrible thing. But you can't get to know others if you don't ever talk to them. So, instead of spending my weekends solely keeping house or hanging with my family, I am determined to be more social...making friends is healthy.

5. Take Time

...for a lot of things. Take time to meditate on the important things. Take time to breath and appreciate things on the postive. Take time to nap just because I want to. :)

And now, I am going to take time to read a book and go to bed early.

Current Mood: warm and sleepy...drinking tea made with fresh stevia leaves (I forgot to mention the herb garden I planted that is providing me with even more fresh deliciousness)
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