Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Demand for Camel's Milk is On the Rise

Things I have heard lately, and the possible meanings:

"You should have been a lawyer."

Compliment: You are good at following a line of reasoning to a logical conclusion, and convincing others who would not naturally have been inclined to reach that conclusion.
Insult: You sure to do like to argue.

"You should have been a doctor."

Compliment: You seem to really care about people, and have a surprising knowledge of how the human body works.
Insult: Your knowledge of pharmaceuticals is disturbing OR you have the worst handwriting I have ever seen.

"You should have been a writer."

Compliment: Your stories are entertaining and well thought out.
Insult: Spending your life on the couch pretending to work seems to suit you.

"It's like Bridget Jones diary!" (said in reference to a piece of your writing)

Compliment: Wow. Funny stuff. As a female, I totally relate to what your saying. Cheers!
Insult: Hey, fatty. Is your weight all you talk about?

These are the sorts of things that run through my head whilst heading home on the 429. Sigh.

Favorite bit of information on the radio today: The title of this post. Not often you get to say that.
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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... that reminds me of an incident last night. I order a grande medici at Ladro... and the guy is partway through making it... and he says "you asked for NonFat, right?". "Uhhh, I don't recall that, but if you think it's necessary....." (as i pat my pudgy cheeks). We were both heartily embarrassed.

lindsey said...

I dont know who "anonymous" but it was a very Mark Cassetta comment. makes me wonder.....

amber said...
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amber said...

Ladro is a coffee place in seattle, so I would guess it was an Eden comment. But you are correct, it was rather Cassetta-ish. One of the many reasons we like Eden so much I guess.