Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back on the Wagon

Or is it off the wagon?

Aside from updating you all on the latest going-ons in my life, I am also sitting in front of the computer job searching. After a lovely stint of being happily jobless, it is sadly time to get back to work.

My husband's job is currently in danger, as the people who own his company contemplate selling it or merging it with another company. This means that anytime in the very near future, he may be let go. As unemployment doesn't pay all of the bills, I am preemptively job searching in hopes of finding work before things go downhill.

I hate job searching. Not so much the not knowing what will happen part. I am cool with all of that - I can be low stress when I want to (read: need to) be. However, I HATE composing cover letters. Which is odd. Considering how much I enjoy expressing myself in writing, one would think that the cover letter would be a piece of cake for me. Nope. Not at all.

So that is what I will be up to for the next couple of days/weeks. Which also means there is a decent chance I will be visiting the blog a little more, to stave off the boredom of job hunting.

Listening to: The Ballad of Booth from The Assasins
Current Mood: appreciating launchcast's need to cheer me up through Broadway musicals

1 comment:

eden said...

sorry that you have to re-enter the land of the "nose to the grindstone". Hope you find something that's more inspiring than your last job.

as for the cover letter. write something ridiculously funny, and then edit from there. :-)

HUGS. eden