Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hey all,

Just a quick post before I go to bed...

So far, there have been dark clouds and some lightning, but otherwise it is quite still here. In the area where we are, we may experience tornadoes, heavy rain and wind. But we really should be ok. We have plenty of water, and super-mega flashlight if the power goes at all.

I am amazed as I watch coverage of the storm at the number of South Floridians who are in mandatory evacuation areas that still won't leave. They all have the same answer.

"I've been here for (enter number) years, and I have never left, so I ain't leavin' now."

Nice. This is why people in the other 49 states make fun of Floridians.

I will update "ya'll" tomorrow, as the storm should have greater effect on us then. (Unless of course it has REALLY great effect and we lose power)

Listening to: the Weather Channel
Current Mood: excited about the stormy weather (yes, I know after all the destruction that these storms this year have brought, I shouldn't be excited...but I love storms - I am fascinated by them)

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