Monday, October 10, 2005

Irish, eh?

I took one of those tests that people always put on blogs...which I usually find cheesy. But job search boredom has led to this....

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Hmmm...considering that in reality, when it comes to being European, I should probably fall under Italian or Spanish, I thought this was kind of funny. Last I checked, I can't drink anyone under a table, or any other piece of furniture. Spirited? Perhaps yes. Boisterous? Sometimes. According to the picture, I also enjoy knee socks and colorful printed skirts.

So since I have now subjected you all to such cheesy blog fare, you also must take the test, to make me feel less loser-y for having posted this nonsense.

Listening to: Delicate (Live in Dublin) by Damien Rice (Yes, coincidently, I am listening to someone Irish singing in Ireland)
Current Mood: wistful


eden said...

oddly enough i have a penchant for knee socks too. maybe it's because a chat over a beer with friends outweighs my love of seafood. At any rate I've got the luck o' the Irish too. :-)

Jaycel said...

hmmm...inner European. Why so limited? Why not the whole world? inner European is Spanish! Very ironic since I am Irish (ok maybe a 1/4, but that appeals to me more than my other "parts") and my wife is half Spanish, yet we are opposite.
Probably why we are married - we found the other part we are missing, or should have.