Monday, October 24, 2005

Moms R Funny

This "quotable quote" deserved it's own entry.

"Oh, they eat everything. Whatever they can find...berries....crawfish..." ~ My mother, discussing the raccoons that come to her porch to eat the cat's food.

My sister looked at my mother and said, "Crawfish? And where exactly do they get those?" There is no location near my parent's house, other than perhaps a chinese buffet, which would still require getting in a car and driving, where a raccoon could acquire a crawfish. What kind of raccoons do they have in their neighborhood?!

My mother could only laugh in response.

Upon hearing the story, I promptly called my mother and asked her, very seriously, what raccoons eat. (The fun thing about my mom, is that she started to give me a serious answer before she realized she was being teased.)

Perhaps she had read this story recently:

My mom is awesome :).

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