Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Room With A View

Ahhh...nothing like the acquisition of a new camera to make you post useless pictures.

But really, since most of you have not seen our new "digs", I present you with one of my favorite parts of our new place: The view.

This is what you see when you look out of our living area onto the porch. Pretty cool, eh? Despite living in a fairly busy area, it feels like we aren't so close to everything when we look out here. When it storms the view is AMAZING. The lightning strikes all over that area in the distance where you can see a couple of buildings. Very very cool.

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

More pictures will follow I am sure, as I continue to play with my newest toy.

Any requests?

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eden said...

A room with a view? I want a photo of a Tuscan vineyard. Perhaps a field of poppies.

I that is out to range of possibilities... maybe a currant snap of you and your man. :)

eden said...

dude... eden needs to learn to edit. "If" rather than "I" and "current" rather than "currant"... though if you wanted to be literal, you could dress in a deep red and it would a a currant photo.

amber said...

How about a Nicaraguan Volcano? Give me a month and I can produce that! :)

eden said...

okay... I'll settle for that. :) as long as there are snaps of my friends too.

Jennifer said...

You have a beautiful place!