Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Didn't That Hurt?

Two posts ago, a good friend of mine commented in Spanish. With my limited knowledge, I tried to get the gist of it. I am pretty sure there are areas where I was really off. So I threw it into an online translation engine. This is what it gave me:

"I not wise that your grandfather was going to lose its finger. That sad! I feel it. It is very sad to see our beings wanted suffering. I remembers like was when my grandmother was in the hospital. These people that have seen hardly all our life now seem the half that they were. Dime if you understand what escribi, but I wrote it in groins. "

I wrote it in groins?! Is that some sort of ancient way of lamenting sickness? Kind of like when Israelites would tear their garments in ancient times?

"And then Jehezielem, upon seeing Behaziah covered in illness, wept to his gods, and proceeded to inscribe a dirge in the groins of the people, as a rememberance."*


Word to the wise. Do not rely on a translation engine to help you communicate with others. You never know what you might end up telling them.

Ha ha ha ha....groin...it's still funny.

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*not an actual biblical account


Anonymous said...

you are cracking me up w/ "not an actual biblical account". :) I don't see how they got groins from any remark in my comment! That is hilarious.


eden said...

That is too dang funny. How they got "groin" out of "ingles" is a true mystery to me. There may be some slang out there that refers to Anglos as intimate body parts... and i'm not privy to that kind of talk. :)

Well done on your own translation. You don't give yourself enough credit.