Thursday, March 17, 2005


Sorry I haven't posted the past few days. I got sick this weekend and haven't fully recovered. I kept thinking about writing, but then I also kept thinking about lying down, and, well, it's easy to see who wins that battle.

I missed going to the gym Monday and Tuesday on account of being ill, and although I probably should have rested another day, I went on Wednesday as well as today. Just missing those two days (combined with being in a weakened state from being sick) has resulted in feeling very ill when I work out. The different kinds of nausea I have experienced in the past two mornings are a special kind of fun. Even now, as I sip my orange juice and stare at the stack in my inbox, I am still feeling queasy. The kind of queasy that makes you make weird faces, like you just might throw up, but know it isn't actually going to happen.

In other news....I have decided that I need to come up with more interesting things to write about than how my workout is going. ("It's about time!" ~C.B.) I will continue to keep you updated, particularly if something interesting happens, like if I lose more weight or I pass out and Clappy comes to the rescue. Stuff like that.

At the moment, I seem to be low on topics. So please, feel free to suggest some. Actually, I demand it. SUGGEST!!

Ugh. Abdominal pain sucks. I think my innards are fighting.

Listening to: Separate Lives by Phil Collins (cause Launchcast wants me to love Adult Contemporary)
Current Mood: "You have nooo riiiiight, to ask me how I feeel..."


eden said...

i was reading this and trying to figure out what your illness had to do with Bleach... as in the liquid whitening agent... then it dawned on me that i'm an idiot.

hope you feel better soon.

new topic... "what i would do if i found out i was a direct decendant of Fidel Castro"

amber said...

Yay! Eden! Glad to see you.

Don't feel bad - you were not the only one who was confused by the word "blech". I thought that everyone was familiar with blech as the sound you make when you feel vomitous, but I was mistaken.

I will have to see what I can do about that topic.... :)

Anonymous said...

now I feel 'blech' just knowing i may have inadvertently tainted the blog by my innocent workout comments. i mean no harm i tell you!!! :) me and my fugly hair will keep our comments to ourselves. jealousy will lash its tongue no more!

* amber, check inbox for fugly hair story.

innocent crystal

amber said...

I was growing tired of my own incessant workout talk - so you are not to blame for a change in direction for the blog. I will continue to talk about the workout progress, just maybe not everyday.

Best wishes to the healing of fugly hair.