Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bringing Home the Bacon

The husband got a job!!!

And there was much rejoicing.

Technically, he doesn't have the job yet. They are in the process of running a background check, which involved getting his fingerprints taken at the police station, and he will still have to pee in a cup at some point next week. No worries on the background check, unless there is a law against naked bridge jumping. ("Wha?!" say my new found North Carolinian friends...a story for another day girls. Let's just say I married a wild one) There are also the final negotiations that will take place next week, discussions of salary and benefits and such. But he basically has the job.

I am very happy, as I have been playing breadwinner in this house for the past three months. It hasn't been a terrible thing. Its not as if I didn't support myself in the past when I was single. But when I was single, there were fewer bills to pay; a small apartment, one car, groceries for one. And when I was single, if I really wanted to buy something I just bought it. Period.

Supporting a family, even if it is a family of only two is a very different story. My ability to shop has been squelched completely. Every 5 dollars counts. Again, this isn't terrible, but it is an adjustment. I have been admittedly spoiled the past two years. I worked part time or not at all and there was always money to spend. Now that I think about it, I feel kind of bad that I had it so good.

Maybe this was a good thing. A reminder that everything shouldn't come so easy. A reminder to appreciate what I have when I have it.

The job is good for more than just financial reasons. The man has been getting a bit stir crazy not having work to do, and I think on some level, he feels bad that I am paying the bills. (Is that emasculating in some way?) Now he gets to be busy and useful. Not that he hasn't been useful at home. I think making me blueberry pancakes for breakfast is very useful, as is cleaning the ktichen.

All in all, good news here in FLA. It is sunny and a little cool and we plan on going to an art festival today. Feels kind of like home.

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Current Mood: contented and full of blueberry pancakes


Anonymous said...

Congrats on "the husband" getting a job! Hope that naked bridge jumping thing doesn't come back to haunt him.


Anonymous said...

Tell Jaycel congrats for me! Btw, was that bridge jumping w/ that crazy guy that I swing danced w/ at your wedding. He's married & has 2 kids??? I'm so forgetting his name...


amber said...

Yes, Dee, you are correct. That would be the guy he jumped with. I won't use names (to protect the not-so-innocent) but it starts with J and rhymes with Onah.