Sunday, March 27, 2005

Quarter Life Crisis

I turned 26 today. At 3:29 a.m. to be exact.

I never think much about my age until my birthday. Even then I don't usually give it much thought. I never really felt my age. When I was young, I always felt older. Then somewhere around 16 I just kind of stopped aging in my mind. I still play video games, and act silly at times. I still worry excessively about what others think of me. I always feel like I am getting away with something when I am in the liquor store.

26. It sounds very different from 25. It tells me that I am on my way to 30. Not that 30 is a bad thing. When I was little, being in your 30's meant being my parents. My parents had five children at that point. They seemed so grown up. Now, most of my friends seem to be in their thirties. And they don't seem old at all. Maybe its because most of them don't have children. Children must make you seem older.

It just seems odd. I remember when 21 seemed impossibly far away. Now I can barely seem to keep track of the last five years.

When did time start moving so quickly?

Ok, enough of that.

My sister and I are going to be doing some shopping this week, as the family (that would be almost everyone - sister and finacee', mom and dad, both older brothers and their wives) is going away next weekend and staying in a beach house on some island off the coast. It sounds like a fun weekend, but it means that I have to endure a week of trying to find a bathing suit and other summer-y clothes. Just more motivation to hire Clappy.


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Anonymous said...

What I learned: Anti-wrinkle creams - Yes. Children - No.

=D Love! Lori