Friday, March 04, 2005

The Results Are In

It's Friday - the end of a long week of waking up early. Today is also weigh in day.

To bring everyone up to speed, I started this crazy workout plan 2 1/2 weeks ago. The idea was to lose 2.5 pounds a week, for a total of thirty pounds in three months. Ambitious? Perhaps. Realistic? I am still inclined to say no, since my plan consists mainly of working out but not making any major dietary changes. If I were restricting myself to protein shakes and salads then I am sure I would hit my goal. However, I know me, and I know that I don't like to restrict myself to that extent when it comes to food. (What fun is cooking when you are thinking about every calorie that goes into the meal?)

As of early last week when I was weighed at the doctor I had lost 5 pounds. Having exceeded the 2.5/wk goal was just the motivation necessary to continue on my mission.

Today's weigh in had me scared.

In the past when I have attempted to work out regularly, I have been quick to give up upon seeing the small amount of progress I was making. Sometimes I had even gained weight! So today I was afraid of the scale. No matter how many times I mumbled "muscle weighs more than fat, just remember that", I wanted to be able to slide that little weight further and further to the left.

I stepped on the scale. I slid the large weight (the one that does increments of 50 pounds) directly to 150, since the only chance I was under that was having something surgically removed. Then I slid the top weight all the way over to 190. I don't weigh that much, but it feels better when you have to push that little weight further and further over to reach your weight.

Up until now I have not divulged my weight. From what I am told, a woman never tells her weight. Being the unconventional person that I am, here it goes. When I started this workout I weighed 12.57 stones. Ha! I tricked you! Convert it!!! If I am going to tell you my weight, you may as well have to work for it.

But seriously, whenever I would tell people what I weighed they would look at me and go "NO!" And then I would nod and smile and say, "Yes." And they would again shake their head. Several times I have been asked to step on a scale. I am not exactly sure why someone would think I would lie about being overweight. I mean, if I was going to lie, shouldn't I weigh less?

I guess I store it well (its called boobs and booty my friends - I'm a brick house). Even stored well, it makes shopping for clothes not fun at all.

Back to the scale. I held my breath as I slowly slid the...whatever you call that little thing on the the left. I was approaching the weight from last time, after the .357 stone loss (ooo...if you are good with math you can start converting now) and noticed that I needed to continue left. Yay! No weight gain. I continued. I finally stopped at 11.96 stones. I had lost another .25 stones! For those of you who haven't figured out the stone to pound conversion yet, click here. As you can see, I am more than on track for my 30 pounds in 90 days. I still don't really expect to reach it, but I am pleased with the results thus far.

Success, even in small amounts, feels good.

Thank you all for keeping me motivated. Writing about this and knowing you are reading gives me a sense of accountability. Without that, I would still be under my blanket catching those last five minutes of sleep.

I can't believe I am thanking you for making me get up early. Curse you.

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Current Mood: Contemplative. About what? How soon I should leave the office to get a coffee. No one said I was deep.


Anonymous said...

Alright listen up Miss is it you are complaining about the back fat & saying I'm HOT when we weigh the exact same! Let me rephrase that, we used to weigh the same until you're recent phenomenal success at the gym. Not being the genius w/ math I used your conversion table and discovered I am 12.5 stone...


amber said...

Again, it's all about storage. You store your weight in an even more brick-house-like fashion than I do. You are, as Lori and Eden would say "Fantastic!" (Have them explain :)) Your hourglass is therefore more defined than mine. Hourglass definition= HOTNESS.

At least that is what I think.

And even the skinniest woman seem to battle the back fat. That is what makes it so elusive.

Anonymous said...

"I dont have any back fat" says the bride to be. Muhahhahha.
All you girls are soo hot, if I were a brother I'd have to be a mormon brotha if you know what i mean!