Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sometimes Work is Cool

Hi everyone. I have been slack in my writing duties. I apologize.

Yesterday I opted out of the early morning workout, and instead came into work at 6:40 a. Crazy? Not really. Being in at 6:40 equals getting out at 2:40 p. And this is a good thing. (I did workout after work, for those of you questioning my devotion to "the plan")

We had two men from Panama visit the office yesterday. (I work in a small office where I am occasionally joined by my boss, but for the most part, I have no visitors. There is a certain amount of freedom associated with this, a freedom that I enjoy. Like the aforementioned coming in early and leaving early arrangement.) We very rarely entertain visitors in our office. There is only one spare chair in the room as a testament to this fact.

But yesterday, we had to entertain not one, but two people. The men were from a financial institution in which there are funds associated with our business. (how's that for vague?) They flew out here just to check on what we are doing. Or at least that is what I was told. They arrived and then spoke with my boss for a while in his office. Then one emerged and approached me.

"I have sumsing for joo," he said and ceremoniously handed me something wrapped in bubble wrap.

"Thanks!" said I, in a higher pitch than I normally use, probably emerging due to the fact that I don't talk to anyone throughout my day.

The lovely Panamanian man gave me a nifty alarm clock. I was excited, as I had been contemplating purchasing an alarm clock. My cell phone was serving this function, but it gets confusing when I get a call in the middle of the night and think its my alarm, or vice versa.

Then the Panamanian men and my boss went to lunch, but not without snapping a photo of me before they left.

I hope I have not unwittingly agreed to be part of some mail order bride catalog. Free clock when you sign up!

I have a weird job, ya'll.

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Current Mood: Psyched that my work day ends in 30 minutes (that's right suckers!)

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