Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Shout Down

Yesterday, a very close friend became one year older. The number is not important, but let's just say it's not as exciting as turning, say, 21.

I will refrain from mentioning her name or age.

Instead, I would like to tell you all why she is one of the greatest people I know and someone I love very much.

She took me in and befriended me in a place where I knew no one.

She is one of the most loyal friends a person could have. She would fight anyone who wronged you, sit with you when you are a crying, snotty mess, and even tell you when you are being stupid, but in a way that just makes you love her more.

She is generous.

She has opinions. One's that are actually interesting.

She isn't swayed by others. She is a true individual.

She is very intelligent, but never condescending.

She taught me to appreciate broccoli.

She is beautiful.

She is the one thing I never had in my very large and pleasant family; a big sister.

She is one of the things I miss most about leaving the West Coast.

Hopefully, she knows all of these things, and on the day after she just got a little older (yet still so very far from being old) I hope that these are the things that she is thinking about.

To the unnamed woman - you are FANTASTIC!

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Current Mood: still angry about the toilet....and missing my friends in WA

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Anonymous said...

I too know this mystery woman and although I have not been as priviliged as my sister to have gotten to know her as well, what I have gotten to know about her makes me wish she was my BFF! Women like her are very hard to come by. Very precious and very admired. So hot and so too cool for school. In a world of teen girl squads you are probably the "cheerleader" whereas we are all" So and So's". (Ha HA too all those who don't get that joke..you are uncultured bafoons!)
Siyad is coming my darling, just you wait.