Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Scales

Morning everyone.

I have been at work for an hour already, and as I look at the clock, I yearn for the days when I would roll out of bed at 7:30. They seem so long ago. *sigh*

As you may have guessed, I made it to the gym this morning. Nothing too great to report about the workout. But I did step on the scale today. I know, my last weigh in was not that long ago, but I was obsessing over the fact that I did not work out at all yesterday. I was well intentioned, bringing gym clothes with me and all. I even changed into them before I left the office. Somehow, my car drove to my apartment instead. Being the slightly obsessive compulsive person that I can be, I was convinced that missing that one day had put me off track. And the cup of ice cream I had last night probably did not help the situation.

On the scale I went, wincing as I slid the weight over. I slid it to 168, half a pound more than the last weigh in and held my breath. (For those of you who were to lazy to convert the stones last time, now you know.) Slid it over a little more to 167.5. Still not right. Finally, at 166.25 (yes, every little bit counts) I stopped. I lost another pound!!! And a quarter!

This brings me to a total of 9.75 pounds of loss so far. Tuesday is the end of the first 30 days. I only have a quarter of a pound to lose between now and then.

I have a feeling this task is going to get a lot harder very soon.

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Anonymous said...

you can do it, you can do it...and no I'm not singing along to any song. They say the first 10 is the easiest to lose but if you're consistent and keep up your good habits it will keep coming off. Thats my challenge, keeping up a routine. They say if you do something for 3 weeks it becomes a habit and easier to maintain. So you've got half the battle won!!!