Thursday, March 24, 2005

Secrets Revealed!

Morning everyone.

Yesterday morning I woke up early and went to the gym. I have been going in the afternoon this week, as I have been absolutely exhausted and I figure depriving my body of sleep is counterproductive in some way. I somehow managed to lock my keys (all of them, house, office, CAR) in my office as I was leaving on Tuesday, so I couldn't go into work until 9 am, which meant working later than usual. So I thought it best to get the work out done in the morning.

My sister showed up, so after cardio we walked around and did some weights together. We noticed that Clappy arrived. He looked over and greeted us, so I explained to Lindsey that today was the day.

Today we would find out about back fat.

We approached him and my sister tapped on his shoulder.

"What can I do for you?" beamed Clappy, as he put one arm around my shoulder, as if we were old friends.

"We need some help. What can one do about the back fat?" says my outgoing sister. It's so nice to have her along.

"Oh! Common problem, lots of women have a hard time with it." This right here is why I like Clappy. Already reassuring us that just because we battle the BF doesn't make us horrible fatties.

He then introduced himself to Lindsey as Ed. I explained to him that I always knew him as Clappy. He had no problem with this and proceeded to clap. Awesome.

We walked over to one machine that my sister uses all the time. She has tried to get me to use it, but it always gives me some grief. You sit in this seat that almost looks like you are sitting backwards on a chair. This means when I lean forward to grab the bars to pull the weight toward me, my boobs get crushed by what looks like the back of the chair. Not fun. While trying not to just say, "That thing crushes the ladies" I explained that that exercise caused me some discomfort. No problem. On to something else.

Clappy showed us something called the low row. You are sitting, legs in front of you, and you are pulling weight towards the area just under your chest. You pull far enough back that it almost feels like your shoulder blades are going to touch. As I was giving it a try I could definitely see where this would scare away the back fat.

We thanked Clappy and he went about his business. Lindsey now tried the exercise, with me explaining what Clappy said. There is a mirror right next to you when you do the low row, which I guess is helpful if you want to check on your posture. Lindsey decided it was good for checking out her own guns as she exercised. She rolled up her shirt sleeve and looked approvingly in the mirror as she pulled the weights. Noticing that a rather strong looking character was watching her, she yelled to him, "Don't worry, someday you'll get there too." Muscle man smiled, flexed, and winked, standard response I think for muscle men.

We exercised some more and on the way out we grabbed a pamphlet detailing personal training by Clappy. He talked with us a little more, clapped for Lindsey's wedding and gave her a high five, commented on our dedication, and then we were gone.

Those of you that also battle with the back fat, take heart (and perhaps, take notes)! I am being given the weapons to defeat it. Hopefully I will have more to share soon, as I budget to see if I can hire Clappy.

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Current Mood: a little tired, despite skipping early morning gym time


Anonymous said...

Yeah i definitely went to the gym today and the scale said i was at 160, a full 12ish pounds lighther than i was about 3 weeks ago. i was happy happy, until i stepped on it again and it read higher by about 15 pounds, and then again when it read about 155. you would think a nasty expensive private college could afford working scales in the gym. oops >_<

amber said...

Hee hee. Private college boy.
It must be one of those digital scales. I like the old fashioned ones that they always weigh you with at the doctor's office. That's what we have in our locker room.

Happy to hear you made it to the gym :)

Anonymous said...

Clappy meet Clocky! This should help with your affinity for sleeping in!

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