Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Rain is Not Helping

I mentioned that I am currently upset with the management here in my office building. Here is the reason why.

On Friday afternoon, the one toilet in my office backed up. I called management to send someone out and was informed that they had decided to give maintenance the afternoon off. I am not sure what the line of thinking was when they decided there should be NO maintenance personnel available all afternoon, and I expressed this when I told the apartment manager that she needed to come down to my suite with a plunger, since she decided that maintenance should go home. She claimed she didn't have a key to the maintenance closet and said that someone would be sent out first thing Monday morning. There was little I could do, so I went home a little earlier.

Monday morning comes. "First thing" to me implies the beginning of the average business day. I get here as early as 7:00 am, but did not expect to see anyone until 8 or so. As the clock approached 10 am, I called management to find out what their definition of "first thing" really meant. They sent someone, who worked for quite a while, but with no success. He asked me what time I arrived at the office in the morning so he could finish the job first thing in the morning.

Here I am, approaching 10 am once again. I have left messages on all three numbers for the building (main number, maintenance, and emergency...I am glad the place isn't on fire or anything judging by their emergency response). There is nothing quite like trying to concentrate on your work when your bladder is beyond full. Today is not turning out to be my day.

My one non-scary neighbor just pulled in the parking lot. Let's hope her toilet is working.

Listening to: Deep Dark Truthful Mirror by Elvis Costello
Current Mood: Still upset, but slightly hopeful about the possibility of bladder relief in the near future

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